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May 29, 2008

A BoBo "Told you so" Moment!

Perhaps you all remember this post I made a while back: Contains 10% of Ethanol or Less! What Crap! Perhaps you might recall one of the statements I made during that post was that I refuse to stop at any more gas stations and fill up if I see this sign because I have no idea what it might do to my engine since I have a 2005 Scion tC that was built prior to this whole ethanol thing. I was having one of these moments:

Well...here's my BoBo Told You So moment from the KHOU Channel 11 Website- - -


By Leigh Frillici / 11 News

HOUSTON -- It is bad enough that gasoline is hovering around $4 a gallon, but the ethanol blend of gas pumped into many cars - containing up to 10 percent of ethanol - is also causing problems.

Which was concerning news to motorist Lakesha Lewis.

“Actually, I thought it was supposedly better,” said Lewis.

Experts 11 News spoke to said, not necessarily.

Consider a car sitting in the David McDavid Nissan's repair shop.

The driver had problems starting it and that did not surprise mechanic Billy Deremer.

He said the ethanol-blended gas does not burn as well as fuel without the additive. As a result, the vaporous residue has gunked up a good car. (emphasis mine)

“It doesn't break down as good, so more carbon deposits are inside the intake (valves),” said Deremer.

And fixing it isn't cheap. Deremer said the cost to get your engine back up and running after the gunk could be $650 to $1,000.

Then there are the high-end cars serviced by Silvio Bucheler. He said the ethanol-blended gas is wreaking havoc with BMWs, Mercedes and Audis that he services.

“It just dirties up the oil quicker, therefore you have to change to oil more often,” said Bucheler.

And if the oil isn't changed?

“You get that sludge build up. It clogs the lube ports, the ventilation system,” said Bucheler. “It can ruin an engine.”

And no one wants that, especially from a fuel that was supposed to help us all pay less for gas.

So - don't ever say that The BoBo didn't warn ya! Instead of saving us money - which it really hasn't if you read the previous post - it will cost you a helluva lot to repair your engine if you use this crap that they're trying to force down our throats and engines!!!

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