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May 12, 2008

Contains 10% or less of ethanol! What crap!

I took the family over to Universal studios this weekend (it's great living just one hour away from Orlando and all the amusement parks) and on the way back I had to fill up the SUV. I paid $3.79/gallon. It cost $75 to fill up the freakin' thing! To top it all off, we weren't even in Orlando when I purchased the gas. We were in a rural area between Tampa and Orlando, so, to begin with, there was absolutely no reason for the price to be $0.10 more there than in Tampa. BUT!!! That's not really what ticked me off!

On the pump it had a little sign that reads "Contains 10% or less of ethanol." Okay, so if that's the case, should I not be paying 10% or less for the freakin' gasoline? How can you justify charging me $0.10 more than in the metropolitan areas and at premium rates if you're supplementing with freakin' corn juice? If you aren't providing me with 100% gasoline, should I be paying 110% for it? Is this the reason why those freakin' oil companies are pulling in record profits? They're using our food supply to supplement the gas and still charging us full price!!!

First ~ which freakin' idiot came up with the idea to use our food supply for fuel? How could anyone ever think this was a good idea?

Second ~ what makes you think my cars can handle ethanol? I did not buy my cars before they started making those stupid e-85 engines. You can bet that if I see this sign again, I'm going to find another gas station that doesn't supplement the gas with corn juice. I don't know what kind of damage that might cause to my engines.

Third ~ why the hell are we the people allowing the gas and oil industry to supplement our gas with freakin' corn juice? Did you have a say in it? Did you vote for it? Did we tell our representatives in Congress that it was okay to give permission to the oil industry to do this? I know I sure in hell didn't! I say we vote that out immediately!

Lastly - I know the oil industry is pulling in record profits. But, I blame that on Congress and the freakin' eco-terrorists. If I sold a product and was not allowed to reinvest the profits, I would continue to rack up the profits. If I was able to produce a product cheaper and still charge full price for it, and not be able to reinvest the profits, those profits would continue to soar. Congress and the eco-terrorists refuse to allow the oil companies to build new refineries and they refuse to allow them to drill for oil in our own country. So, what are they supposed to invest the money in? Corn juice? It costs more to make that freakin ethanol than they are charging for it! But, why the hell should they care? The government subsidizes it! Wait..I take that back, WE the taxpayers are paying for it twice - we pay for the shortfalls in producing that ethanol and then we pay for it again at the pump, and then we are taxed like crazy for it by our cities, counties, states, and the federal government. The democratic plan for energy independence is to tax big oil profits! What a bunch of bull shit that is! This just goes to show how out of touch our representatives really are. You can't tax profit. Profit is what you get AFTER you pay taxes. So, if the government attempts to tax the so-called profits, the oil companies will just put that against expenses and then increase the price of the gas whereby we the little people who actually have to pay for gas also pay for that so-called tax on profits.

And - to top this whole thing off - the primary reason that Congress is so out of touch with reality is because we the taxpayer are paying for their vehicles, their insurance, and their gas. Did you vote for this? I know I didn't! I say, we the people - democrats, republicans, libertarians, and all parties in between need to tell our representatives they can no longer afford to waste our taxpayer dollars and expect us to pay for their transportation when we can barely afford to pay for our own. Perhaps if they felt the sting of paying $100 or more a week on gasoline to get back and forth to work they might actually do something about our energy problem - you know - like allow the oil companies to drill in the Dakotas, The Gulf, and ANWR then let them build the refineries to produce the gasoline we all need. In the meantime, build some nuke plants and look for other alternative forms of energy. Stop eco-terrorists like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. from filing injunctions against windpower companies who want to put up windfarms in his city. What a hypocrite!

In staying with Jason Buckley's guest post from last Friday, we as Americans need to unite against our own government and take it back from those extremists on the left and right. While we the little people who make this country as great as it is with our blood, sweat, tears, and toil, our representatives are living high on the hog on our dimes!

UPDATE - Go check it out...apparently, Vulcan's Hammer and I were in the same mindset today! Here's his story! Vulcan's Hammer: The cost of future Energy gets more expensive

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