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May 29, 2008

The BoBo of The Week Award!

Today is BoBo of The Week Award Thursday!!!! Alright! Well, in going with last week's theme regarding 9/11 truth deniers...this one is REALLY out there. I thought that muslim guy from last week had some doozies - wait until you hear this!

Sending out a big h/t to Jason Buckley from Washington Interns Gone Bad. He sent me the link to this a couple weeks ago. I really should have put this one up last week instead. I really don't know how to fisk this thing at all. While Paula Gloria does have her own website, all I really have to go on here is the audio of a show that she did earlier in the month. Howard Stern gave this woman 1 hour to talk about her 9/11 "truth."

All I can say is - OH MY FREAKIN' G*D!!!!!!! I've embedded the YouTube video of the show here for your viewing and listening pleasure as well. I would like to actually send this woman the BoBo Award code - but - her website is so new - she hasn't even posted an e-mail addy! Wait until you hear this shit - she thinks that 9/11 didn't really happen and that it was all cartoons. She's absolutely serious!

In any case, this is The BoBo of The Week Award Winner:

or you can go out to this site to download the audio.


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