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Jun 4, 2008

Let the games begin! Okay - maybe not yet!

So - Hillary has announced that she will be announcing on Friday that she will be conceding her race for the Presidency. Is anyone else here waiting for the other shoe to drop? If she's really going to concede the race, why is she waiting until Friday to do it? I know that Nancy "Stretch" Pelosi and Dirty Harry Screed have given a deadline to all the Superdelegates that they need to make a decision by Friday - does this have anything to do with it? Is Hillary still working behind the scenes to gain support from those Superdelegates?

One has to wonder just why she's waiting until the end of the week if she's already announced today that she will concede. Just what the heck is she waiting for? Perhaps she's just holding her delegates as ransom - either make her the VP candidate - or she continues the race until the convention and does not give up her delegates. Obama has only narrowly clinched the nomination. He does not officially become the candidate until all the votes are tallied and delegates awarded at the convention. There has been enough negative news about Obama to come out in these later months that the earlier voters had no knowledge of. The latest elections give Hillary a strong argument as to why Obama is not the right candidate for the Dems and the fact there was very little scrutiny of Obama at the outset. The mainstream media completely failed the people who voted at the beginning of the primary season by not outing Obama for who he REALLY is sooner.

Technically, Hillary could still take the nomination away from Obama at the convention if she continues to work behind the scenes. According to the way it works in the Democratic party the so-called "pledge delegates" are not actually pledged until they say so at the convention. Hillary can still take those awarded to Obama through the primaries and caucuses away from him. I know, leave it up to the Dems to make their whole process so convoluted that it makes no sense at all. A candidate can win enough delegates and the popular vote to clinch the nomination, but, come time to the convention, all those delegates can "switch" their votes to a different candidate than what the people chose.

So - in the meantime - I'm waiting to see what happens on Friday and whether or not that other shoe ever drops. Why won't she give us a definitive time-table for her withdrawal?

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