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May 7, 2008

We HAVE to keep moving the bar!

At a recent speech in North Carolina, the millionairess, Michelle Obama, complained that America keeps moving the bar on her husband and all Americans. You know, that is just like a liberal elite to complain that things are not just being handed to her and her husband because they work hard. Dammit! So do I! So do millions of other Americans in this country! But, we aren't looking for handouts and we aren't complaining because that "bar keeps moving."

America has become the great nation it is because we DO keep moving the bar. I don't agree that Americans become frustrated every time the bar moves. America and her citizens become stronger, smarter, and better every time we strive to reach a goal. Once a goal is reached, we create more goals. In other words, we move the bar again.

If Christopher Columbus, Leif Erikson, and Marco Polo were all satisfied that the world was flat and that there was nothing beyond their countries, America would not have been discovered, noodles, spices, and fireworks never would have made it back to the west, along with all the other glorious discoveries found around the world. If Benjamin Franklin thought there was no way to harvest electricity from the skies and Thomas Edison hadn't figured out how to use that harvested energy, we'd still be using candles. If Al Gore hadn't invented the Internet....what? He didn't? Oh, yeah, that's right...If Vinton Cerf hadn't taken the military communications network and university network systems and created a public portal, we wouldn't have the Internet. If Eli Whitney hadn't created the cotton gin, slavery might have taken much longer to be abolished. If Bill Gates thought IBM had already created all the computer applications possible, we wouldn't have laptops and computers in just about every home now.

I think you all get the point. America is the greatest country in this world because the bar does continue to move and we encourage that movement. The greatest industrialists, capitalists, and entrepreneurs in this country became who they are because they reached the bar and moved it further ahead for the next generations. We are a country of hard-working people. Those who truly want to succeed in this country can as long as they work for it and keep reaching that bar, then moving it again.

Once again, Michelle Obama just shows how out of touch she and her husband are with the regular people of this country. The bar moves because we want it to move. Every time that bar moves, we become better as a country and as individuals. If we reached the bar and never moved it, we'd all still be living in caves grunting at one another. 'Nuff said!

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