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May 7, 2008

So...we should just let them cut off our heads?!?

I don't know if anyone has been following the comments under the previous discussion, but, we have a commenter, SpliceandDice, who turned our discussion away from the Reverend Wright and Obama to the war on terrorism in America. Somehow, these guys always manage to turn everything back around to being about the war!

You can go check out his blog at Splice and Dice. His is a blog about politics in the Philippines. According to his blog he has an undergraduate degree in philosophy. Based on his comments we have very philosophical differences regarding terrorism, the war on terrorism, war in general, and America. Rather than continue that discussion under the comments, I figured I would move it up here for public consumption and for everyone to get a chance to chime in.

Essentially, he is a pacifist. From what I gather, he believes there is no justification for war. With regards to the American response to 9/11 he has this to say:

"You don't right a 'wrong' with another 'wrong'. You don't solve the mass murders with more mass murders."

The problem with this statement, in my view, is that it is a matter of perspective. While it was definitely wrong for those Islamofascists to attack and kill thousands of innocent American lives simply because we are "Infidels" and non-believers and followers of a pedophile prophet, I think the American response was right. We were right to declare our war on terror, we are right to defend ourselves, and we are right to hunt them down wherever they hide, including other terror sponsoring nations. In order for him to consider our response as a "mass murder" one would have to take the position that the terrorists were right for attacking us in the first place. I don't see how you can argue that any other way. But, I'm sure he will be able to find a way! He lives in the world of grey, whereas I see things mostly as black or white, good or evil, etc. Whether he likes it or not, there are absolutes.

When your ass is up against a wall, either you fight back or get your ass kicked. You do or you don't. You can't always talk your way out of every fight. Sometimes you just need to punch the bully in the nose to get him to leave you alone. In this case, the bullies ARE the Islamofascists who put America's back up against the wall when the cowards took over our airlines and slammed them in to the towers and the pentagon killing thousands of innocent lives. Had we just backed down and decided to try to talk to these pedophile prophet pushers there would have been more attacks on American soil and probably hundreds of thousands of lives lost. These guys don't know how to talk. The only thing they understand is cold steel and hot metal.

His other basic position is that America, collectively, is a warmongering nation, and as with other liberals, he throws Bush into the mix. When I posited that if he is against the war on terror then he must be for the terrorists, his typical response is that just because he is against the war on terror he is not for the terrorists. I don't see how you can be otherwise. By denouncing the war on terror, that is saying that it is okay for the terrorists to get away with beheading people for being "Infidels." If we don't keep up the war on terror, then just how do you think we should get the terrorists to stop? By talking to them? You are quite naive to think they want to talk to us. Perhaps you need to go back and read this post here: Is Peace in the Middle East Possible? The terrorists have made it clear. They don't want to talk to us, they want to kill us!

He further stated that the "American war on terror" is a war against nations. First - this is a GLOBAL war on terror. The Islamofascists want to take over the ENTIRE world, not just kill Americans and take over America. America is NOT the only country involved in this war. We just happen to be the ones who finally took a stance and asked our allies to grow some balls and stand up for themselves as well.

Anyway, I could go on and on just reciting everything he already stated. Just so that it doesn't appear that I am taking his discussions out of context, I suggest you read all the comments in the previous post to see exactly what he said. Sometimes you just need to kick someone's ass to get them to stop hitting you! In other words, while it may seem contradictory, sometimes to achieve peace, there has to be war.

UPDATE! For some reason, Splice and Dice is keeping all of his comments in the previous discussion. Hopefully, he'll move some of that over here. You have to read this in response to one of Bradley's responses to him. This guy really does hate America!

Here's what Bradley said: "We are not a threat. Because we have the most power (due to WW1, WW2, and all through the 1900's), some people see us as the plicemen of the world."

This is Splice's response: Yeah, go tell that to the Vietnamese, to the Chinese. Americans policing everything else in this world. Sounds like autocracy. Or auto'crazy'. You say your nation is not a threat. Ah, of course you're not a threat because you have thousands of nukes in your backyard, and you only want your nation together with your allies to harbor those weapons of mass destructions only for your selves. How can that be a threat? Right? Right?


The reason you engaged Iraq into war is because of 'suspected' (which up to now remains that way, nothing but 'suspected') of having weapons of mass destruction when ALL ALONG YOUR NATION HAS THOUSANDS OF THEM.

And now you're telling me that "some people" see your nation as "the policemen of the world"? Did the rest of the world tell your nation to police everybody else's backyard? Or was it merely self-perception? Ha.

You see, not even the United Nations can stop your nation from committing mass murders of other civilians through war abroad. And the fact that the United Nations is against the war being waged by your nation would still tell you that you're the "policemen of the world"? Cut the hallucinations. Wake your senses back to life.

If you think you can put a stop to terrorism by turning this world into a battlefield, if you think that the way to right a wrong is to do more wrong, if you think that the way to resolve harms is to do more harm, if you think your nation is not a threat to others while your nation is amassing nukes in swollen volumes, what can I say? Somebody truly is worse than Hitler.

So, now America is on the same field as Hitler? Wow ~ this guy must be a charter member of Moveon.org as well.

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