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May 8, 2008

Liberal Blogger Friday Update and BoBo of The Week Update

Hi All - first - I apologize, but, there is no BoBo of The Week Award this week. I just haven't had the time this week to surf the web and all those crazy lefty blogs to find something. Life has gotten in the way right now! However, rest assured, I will have time next week to find one and offer up the BoBo! Stay Tuned!

Reminder - tomorrow is Liberal Blogger Friday and our guest is Jason Buckley from Washington Interns Gone Bad: The Blog. While he is not liberal - if you read his response to my last announcement, he considers himself a "post-partisan leftist." Hmmm...not really sure what that means? In any case, he has already sent me his post - it's a good one! Make sure you come back tomorrow and check it out!

Also - coming in the near future is a possible retooling of this website. I think the shock value of the evil clown has done it's job. Now it's time to move that bar! I'm ready to step this blog up and revamp the look. I'll put up a poll at a later date to see what you all think of the idea.

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