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May 27, 2008

So, what is the solution?

I'm ready to pull out my BoBo hair - what little is left of it! I am getting really tired of this "them vs. us" attitude of our elected officials. When the hell are they going to do what is right for the American people as a whole rather than thinking about themselves and a small minority of the country?

One of the greatest things about hosting guest liberal bloggers here on Fridays is that I have gotten to meet some great individuals. What I have found is that while they hold some liberal views, we do agree on many things.

No, this is not a BoBo the Evil Conservative Clown is a closet liberal kind of post. What this is about is the fact that many of our liberal friends do share some conservative views (whether they will fully admit it or not) just as we conservatives do sometimes agree on some social issues that the liberals like. (Surely, none of my conservative friends out there can deny that we should help the underprivileged and underserved). The major difference between liberals and conservatives is how we accomplish the goals we commonly agree on. Again, I'm not talking about our liberal and conservative/democrat and republican politicians. I'm talking about the average American citizens.

When we talk to our neighbors, putting all politics aside, there is much common ground between us. Over the last 16 years the so-called elected officials and the main-stream media have done an excellent job of dividing this country into Liberals & Conservatives or Democrats and Republicans - and then there's everyone else. They have taken their "us versus them" politics on the hill and put it into our living rooms. The adage "united we stand, divided we fall" comes to mind here. The politicians have divided us and therefore have attempted to conquer we regular every-day citizens of America. They lulled us into apathy for a long time. The Hollywierdo's aided them by putting crappy, unimportant drivel on the idiot box. We became all too consumed with reality TV which in all reality has absolutely nothing to do with reality!

What is happening all across this nation is a slow awakening. People are starting to tune in to Washington D.C. now and realizing just how crooked both sides really are. The Democratic Party has been hijacked by the hard-core leftists such as the Moveon.org types leaving your regular working-class Democrats trying to figure out what has happened to their party. People like Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller are leaving their party. In the meantime, the Republicans have been hi-jacked by some really hard-core people on the right. Republicans have lost their way and it too has left the regular working-class Republican wondering what happened.

Special interest groups have taken over both major parties. Conservative Republicans have rejected their presidential candidate. Moderate Liberal Democrats reject Obama because of his far-left marxist views and social policies. Based on his voting record, he has been voted as the most liberal politician in D.C. Those who are supporting Obama are essentially rejecting Hillary because of who she is. Those are the individuals who can see what Republicans have been trying to tell everyone for years about the Clintons. They are self-serving politicians who are only out for one thing, and one thing only, power. They could care less about Americans. However, many of the Obama supporters only do so because they will toe the party line and vote Democrat regardless of the issues - and they reject Hillary - so they vote for "change" even though Obama represents the same old politics of D.C.

While Conservatives have openly stated they will not vote for McCain come November, we still have yet to hear from those Liberals and Democrats who will not vote for either Obama or Hillary. I'm sure they're waiting to see who wins the nomination. However, I fully believe there are many Democrats out there who feel the same as many Republicans - they've been abandoned by their party as well.

So - this comes back to the original question - what is the solution? The vast majority of Americans in this country do not identify with their respective parties any longer. We are neither hard-core left, nor are we hard-core right. We are the guys in the middle who bust our asses every day to keep food on the table, clothing on our families backs, and roof over our heads. We are the little guys who cringe whenever we pay $4.00/gal at the pump. As average working-class families where both mom and dad work outside the home, we have two cars that we have to fill up each week. This means we spend anywhere between $100 - $150 or more a week just in gasoline to get to work. That is $5,200 - $7,800 a year just for freakin' gasoline. Not to mention the fact that the price of food has gone up as well. Inflation is going up and our 3 - 5% annual raises are not catching up with the rise in the cost of living.

We are having these problems because of Washington, D.C. You cannot blame this on the Bush administration alone. We are where we are now because of policies from the Clinton era (we are not allowed to drill for oil anywhere in this country, we are not allowed to build new refineries anywhere in this country, and we are not allowed to build new nuke facilities without it costing taxpayers billions) in addition to the fact that he opened up trading with China and granted them "Most favored nation" status. Many of our jobs went overseas because of this Clinton policy. Clinton was also responsible for NAFTA, which as Perot so foretold, "sucked millions of jobs out of this country."

The Bush administration continued the NAFTA policies and the China trade policies. Bush went so far as to propose CAFTA and is now working on a Superhighway that goes from Mexico right on up to Canada. One of the worst policies ever implemented by the Bush administration is the "No Child Left Behind Act" which actually has left millions of kids behind. They forced millions of kids to drop out of high school. We are now at a national drop-out average rate of 33%. This is a 150% increase since this so-called education bill was approved and implemented.

How the hell did we as a people allow all of this to happen? How did we become so disengaged with our elected officials that we let them do whatever the hell they wanted? Liberals and Conservatives; Democrats and Republicans alike all across this country are now scratching their heads trying to figure out how we got in this mess, and moreover, how the hell do we get out of it? We've been so divided that we can't even seem to find a way to meet in the middle any more. McCain is not our answer. He is a lifelong politician and will only do what he feels is best for himself. He has spit on Conservatives all the way - so - no - don't tell me that he can reach across the aisle and work things out. That's bullshit! He's just another damned politician saying what he thinks people want to hear.

We as a nation need to find a way to come together and get rid of those minority senators and congressmen who do not represent us and our views. We don't need to wait until the next elections. According to the way the constitution was set up, the Governors of each state can recall the representatives at the will of the people. We have Senators and Representatives with such socialist views that they want government to take over corporations. There are those who are so marxist they want to dictate what we eat, how much we eat, and also want to control our thermostats. Essentially, there are those on the left that are so pro-big government they want the government to control our lives. Likewise, there are those who are so far on the right they want to control a woman's right to choose, they want to control a family's right to choose when it is time to let a loved one who is brain dead die, they want to control through a constitutional amendment who has the right to marry. Essentially, there are those on the far right who want to take over the rights that are generally afforded to the states and to the people of those states.

I don't know exactly what the answer is, but I know the solution is for those of us in the majority to stop conceding our rights to the minority. We need to find a way to get the message out and organize as one group. How many times have we heard someone on the radio or TV say, "I'm only one person. How can I possibly make a difference?" There are more of us saying that than there are who are actually pleased with the way government is running. Congress has an approval rating of 16% - an all-time low. That means that 84% of Americans disagree with them! Again, Congress is operating based on the minority and special interest groups. 84% of us want change in our Government. Obama, Hillary, and McCain as a President will not change Congress. Only We the People can change Congress. If anyone out there knows how we can break this strangle-hold, please let me know. I know I'm not the only one out there that feels this way!

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