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May 26, 2008

Memorial Day!

Well, today is Memorial Day. How many times will you hear Happy Memorial Day today? It just seems customary for everyone to automatically say Happy (insert holiday here). But, do you think those people who say that to you today really mean it?

Is today really a happy day? Afterall, what exactly is Memorial Day? Today is a day where we honor our fallen heroes. Today is the day where we remember those who have died during the course of active military service and gave their life in sacrifice for yours, your parents, your grandparents, and for future generations to come.

These great people died in the course of war defending freedom and democracy, not just for America, but for all those who are oppressed in other countries as well.

So, is today a happy day? Should we be telling everyone "Happy" Memorial Day today? Today is more than just another day off from the office. Today is more than just barbecue's and spending time with friends and family. Make sure you take time today to remember our soldiers in an honorable manner. Afterall, they died for all of us. Regardless of whether you are an anti-war protestor, the fact of the matter is that all of these soldiers died for your freedom as well and for your right to protest them and their mission. Pay tribute to them in an honorable and just manner. Visit your local cemetary and locate the headstone of a veteran and pay tribute to him or her. Go to a memorial day parade and just honor the memories as the survivors pass by in the parade. Or, if you don't really want to do that, visit a website like the one where I found this image - The American Walk. This is a site dedicated to the memory of those who have fought and died for our freedoms.

Yes, today actually is a happy day. Today, in addition to honoring the memory of our fallen soldiers, we also celebrate our freedom, the freedom they paid the ultimate price for.

Happy Memorial Day
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