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May 12, 2008

Mortgage executives charged with fraud?

What? Say it ain't so! So, this problem we've been having with our housing market isn't all Bush's fault? Apparently, we do indeed have some VERY crooked mortgage lenders. Go read it over here:

A Disgruntled Republican: Mortgage Loan Executives Charged with Fraud

He found the story buried on page 15 of the financial section of his newspaper. He wants to know why this kind of stuff is up on the front pages. So do I! We need to get the word out there about these fraud peddlers! I hope these guys go to jail for a very long time. They've helped to cause this major economic slow-down..not just in our economy, but in economies around the world. Wait until you see just how bad this was by this guy, his company, and what appears to be almost all of the employees in this company. We're talking $44 million this guy is accused of defrauding Fannie Mae out of.
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