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Apr 26, 2008

This is just plain wierd...what are the Fwenchies up to now?

Here's the headline:


It's bad enough these Fwenchy Fwenchman will screw anything in sight...but...do they really need Playboy pillows too?

A goods train in southern France has been attacked by robbers who made off with cushions bearing the Playboy logo.
Not only did they steal Playboy pillows...they stopped a freakin' train to do it! Of all the things a freight train could have been hauling...they intentionally stopped this train to steal Playboy pillows. Naw, they must have taken other stuff..and just happened upon the Playboy pillows..right?

Apart from the Playboy cushions, police said it was not clear what else was taken.
Okay...of everything that is on that train, the only thing they know for sure is that the pillows were taken. Were these special pillows with some kind of gold inlay or something? It's hard to believe that the pillows just had a Playboy logo on it and nothing else!

So..just how did they rob this train? Is it like one of those great train robbery scenes we see in the westerns? Were they chasing this train down in cars with guns wielded in a modern day version instead of horses?

It says the thieves blocked the track with sleepers, causing the 700m (760-yard) train to screech to a halt, and forced open a number of containers.
Hmm...what the heck are sleepers? Since this is coming from the BBC, maybe one of our British readers can fill us in here. When I think of "sleepers" I think either of kiddie pajamas or people. I'm sure it wasn't people sleeping on the tracks...but...then again, these are the Fwenchies. They take naps right in the middle of the day when they should be at work.

Was there anything else to report?
The train driver was not harmed. The car used in the robbery was later found burnt.
Hmmm...the train driver was not harmed...was he in on this? Who knew the Playboy cushions were on this train? How did these pillow robbers know that these specific pillows were part of the freight? I think this was an inside job! Had to be!

Or..better yet...maybe there was something stashed inside the pillows! Yeah..that's it! There were drugs or jewels or something else really expensive stashed inside of them! I can't believe anyone would go through all that trouble of stopping a huge freight train just for pillows! But...it is the Fwench!

Oh well...

Be on the lookout for oily Fwenchman peddling Playboy pillows on the banks of the Seine river!

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