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Apr 28, 2008

How does that make any sense?!?!?

As you all might recall...a couple days ago I blogged about that stupid GREEN-e logo on my bag of chips...well...today I had an opportunity to check out more items on the shelves at the grocery store. Of course, my focus remained in the chip aisle! Hey, an eevil conservative clown's gotta keep his fluff on ya know!!! Anyway, the same maker of those chips with the GREEN-e logo also has several other types of chips without that stupid logo!

So...how does that make any sense at all? I thought that perhaps one was manufactured and distributed prior to the other and therefore didn't get the logo..so I checked the dates....nope...they're within a few days of each other...that couldn't really make a difference could it? How did this company decide which one's they were going to buy the GREEN-credits for and which one's they weren't? Who the hell are they kidding? Now I've decided not to buy any chips made by this manufacturer at all since they obviously are so hypocritical they can't even stay consistently bogus with their assinine GREEN campaign.

Oh well..and I really did like their chips. But, there are other companies out there that make a darned good chip and don't have those stupid logos on them...stickin' with the principles again! Damned clown!

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