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Apr 26, 2008

Is this how McShamnesty expects to get the conservative vote?

These past few days with McShamnesty on the campaign trail pandering to the left has just solidified my choice to not vote for him in November. First, while pandering in New Orleans, he bashes the federal government and Bush for the "slow response" to the crisis that was Hurricane Katrina. As we all know, the only ones to blame for that mess was the Democratic Governor and the Democratic Mayor of New Orleans. Bush called Mayor Nagin three days before Katrina hit land and warned him that he should start evacuation protocols. Mayor Nagin ignored that warning. After Katrina hit, Bush called both the Governor and the Mayor to offer federal assistance, both of them refused initially. If anyone knows how the government works, in order for the Federal government to provide disaster assistance, the states have to request it. Neither the Governor nor the Mayor requested assistance for three days after Katrina hit. I still don't understand how this became Bush's problem or the Federal government's problem. The state of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans failed those people, not the federal government. For McShamnesty to continue to play to this lie is just ridiculous and proves he's just pandering for the black vote.

Then, he has the gall to say that the GOP in North Carolina is out of touch with reality because they decided to play that attack ad against Barack using the words of Jeremiah Wright. I would say that McShamnesty is out of touch with reality! Barack Obama is interviewing with the general public for the highest public seat in this country. I know that if I were to go for a job interview and I told my future employer that my pastor is a racist and hates America, and that one of my best friends bombed the Pentagon and a New York police department, and that I hang out with a guy who calls white people skunks of the earth, and that one of my friends is currently on trial for real estate fraud, don't you think they would conduct a VERY thorough background check on me before deciding to hire me? The American people need to know about the associations of every single candidate...to include McShamnesty. In my view, he is the one that is completely out of touch with reality.

I'm sorry, but I absolutely refuse to vote for a man that bashes his government and his own party. This man has no loyalty whatsoever except to the liberals. He always has and he always will. For those of you who still are supporting him, maybe you need to think about your values and principles as well. Is this really the guy you want representing you in the White House? He's no Republican and he's definitely no conservative!

Don't try feeding me that line that he will lower taxes, and that he will make the Bush tax cuts permanent, and he will put in constructionist judges, and he will put security first before amnesty for illegals, and blah blah blah. He voted against all of these when he was a Senator, do you honestly think he will institute these as President...or don't you think he's just telling you what you want to hear just to get your vote. The man is a career politician. Forget the fact that he is a Viet Nam war hero. He's not that same man that was tortured at the Hanoi Hilton. He threw his character out the window a long time ago!

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