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Apr 22, 2008

One Nation Under....uh...hmm

Let's subtitle this post: In GOD we Ban!

I just came across a most excellent discussion regarding the apparent banning of God, not only from our public arenas, but from all of American life. Matt over at Matt-Speak does a wonderful job of detailing the popular trend towards the removal of God from the American public by the few over the majority and adds more discussion regarding what he feels was the intent of our founding fathers. Here's a teaser for you guys:

One simply needs only to go to any old government building in Washington, such as the Supreme Court building, to see the abundant evidence for themselves. The references to God, The Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus are everywhere and remain in place today, despite the objections of this minority group who, in my opinion, seek to destroy that very foundation which binds this country together and completely change us into a secular nation. It proves to me that they realize that, although unofficially, this country is and always has been a Christian nation, and since the teachings of Christianity do not reflect their beliefs (or lack thereof) they wish to impose the will of these few on the entire nation by abolishing any further reference to it.
There is much much more of this excellent prose at his site...I don't want to ruin anything he has already stated by interjecting my own opinions..I encourage everyone to check it out over at Matt-Speak.

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