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Apr 21, 2008

Why are they still supporting Obama?

I have a theory - despite the fact that many Obama supporters now know exactly who the man is (a racist, a terrorist sympathizer, an elitist, a socialist, and a marxist) with a known social circle consisting of a racist pastor, an unrepentant terrorist, a racist activist, and a financial crook, they continue to give him a pass and support him with their time and money. Why do they do it? Because their egos won't let them.

These people jumped on the bandwagon early on. They became so invested in him before everything was known about him that they can't stop supporting him for fear that people who have been saying.."look at this, look at that, look over here," will now say..."See, I told you so!"

As long as they continue to support Obama with everything they have, they don't have to worry about people saying "I told you so!" They won't listen to it. They will just deflect it with rhetoric like, "But, he's for change." "He wants health coverage for everyone." "He's not a Washington insider." BLAH BLAH BLAH, BLADITY BLAH!

It is inconceivable that any true American in this country who wants peace of any sort or who wants to see some real bipartisan change in Washington could possibly continue to support this man knowing he has racist views. Knowing he and his wife hate this country. Knowing that he and his wife are friends with a known radical bomber. Knowing that he associates himself with the likes of Farookun. Knowing that he wants to steal from the rich and give it to the poor. Knowing that he is involved in a crooked land deal with a crooked business man currently on trial. Knowing that he wants to sit down with terrorist regimes to "negotiate" whereby legitimizing their terrorist causes. This guy makes the Clintons look like shoplifters.

So..why do they continue to support Obama knowing all this? Because their ego's are stronger than their logic. They've already vested so much into this flake that if they backtrack and decide to not support them any longer, they would look like idiots. The problem is...they look like even bigger idiots for continuing to support this asshole!

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