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Apr 22, 2008


Yes!!! Today is the day that socialists, schools, (is that redundant?) and eco-terrorists, (oops) eco-warriors around this country start indoctrinating our youth to the evils that man is on our planet!!

Today is the day that just pops my BoBo nose! If you have children in our public schools, be prepared to have some very frank discussions with them. There will be some of you who, no doubt, will have children coming home thinking we are all going to die in about 20 years or so if man does not stop breathing!

There will be those of you who have children come home that have been told they need to be sterilized for fear that man is over-populating the planet and there won't be enough food for everyone in 20 years or so.

There will be those of you who have children come home that have been told you need to sell your cars and SUV's and get bicycles because we're all going to die from global warming as a direct result of carbon emissions from your autos.

This is going to be a very crazy day for some of you! While I am all for being a good steward of our Mother Gaia, I don't buy into the hysteria. Please make sure you temper this rhetoric today with logic when your children come home. It's okay to recycle. It's okay to replace what you use. It's okay to conserve energy. Let's do the right thing..but...let's not scare the shit out of our children with junk science!

I'll report later on the proposal for a permanent Florida Coastal Protection Act that would prohibit oil drilling within 125 miles of the Florida coast line. Hmmm..I wonder how that affects Cuba? I thought the internationally recognized water rights were only 7 miles from the coast?

UPDATE: Gotta give props to my buddy B.C. The Imperial Torturer over at the Rottweiler for that magnificent piece of art up there. If you like it, go let him know..he'll appreciate it!

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