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Apr 24, 2008

BoBo Of The Week Award goes to...

...Well...if you remember The BoBo of The Week Award Winner from April 4th, It was The Patron Saint of Pop at http://killstephenharper.com. First, I finally heard from him...he has graciously accepted the award and has placed it up on his blog...go check it out.

Now..do you also remember that at the end of that post I said I couldn't really tell if it was a joke blog or not and that if it was, I would humbly accept The BoBo of The Week Award. Yup, as it turns out, I really should have done a little more research on this guy! Apparently, Stephen Harper is the Prime Minister of Canada! Silly me! I guess that kind of makes me the epitome of the ignorant American. So..with that being said, The BoBo of The Week Award goes to ME! I most definitely deserve it for this boneheaded goof! I'm almost tempted to turn my BoBo nose back over to the Evil Conservative Clown Association! Anyway, go check out this guy's blog..it is very interesting! With a URL like that, this guy must really have a beef with his government!

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