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Apr 24, 2008

This is really starting to drive me up the wall!!!!

Okay, so, this weekend I bought a bag of chips (name to remain anonymous at this time). Had I seen this before I bought the chips, I wouldn't have. Apparently, there is this huge program out there called Green-e. This is an organization all about renewable energy and energy sources. Okay, I get it already. While opening my bag of chips, I see this:

And..underneath that logo it says "We purchase green credits." Again, I say, All right already! Enough of all this stupid GREEN crap! I'm all for conserving our environment..but, dammit, my chips fried in freakin' grease is claiming to be GREEN just because they bought GREEN CREDITS! What bullshit! First, if you really were GREEN, you wouldn't be frying your chips and trying to harden my arteries! Second, if you had not wasted money buying GREEN CREDITS you could have made it cheaper for me to buy my chips and harden my arteries!

From this point forward, I absolutely refuse to buy anything that has this stupid logo on it. I especially refuse to buy anything with this logo on it that also says "We purchase green credits." If they have that much money that they feel they can waste it on some stupid ponzi scheme, they don't need any more of my $$GREEN$$!

And..one other thing...they actually have guidelines for the use of the logos! Is this just sheer madness or what?

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