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Apr 3, 2008

BoBo Of The Week Award!

Ummm....errrr... wow! I don't even know where to begin with this fella! First, this isn't even a liberal blogger post (although he is Canadian, so, ...even their most Conservative individual is our Liberal...) okay..I talked myself into it! But..he's not posting anything that is just so outrageously Liberal and just irks an Evil Conservative Clown...no...this guy has some seriously scary stuff on his blog! If it weren't for the fact that I'm an Evil Clown, I might be somewhat a-scared to send him The BoBo Award e-mail!

First - the title of his blog is "The Patron Saint of Pop: The Best Social Activist Blog on The Net" okey dokey pokey! What gets me is his URL ------> killstephenharber.com HE is Stephen Harper! Okay..have I strung you along enough? I don't even know what sentence, paragraph, or snippet to pull from...they are all whacked! Seriously, this guy thinks that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are trying to kill him? Whhhoooooooo aaaaaaahhhhh!

"I would like to at this time, express my thoughts on Heath Ledger. I have met Heath Ledger in 2004. He was one of the many celebrities who made a pilgrimage to Toronto to see their patron saint. Many people reading this blog are probably thinking man this guy is really a true wacko. I insist this is true. In fact this is what this blog is all about, the patron saint of pop and the troubles surrounding him. In 2004, the police were at it again, trying to shoot me. Toronto police chief Julian Fantino, news anchor Peter Mansbridge, former Toronto mayor Mel Lastman, mayor Dave Miller were all at different times giving me dirty looks. I was doing commission sales for “The Bulletin”, a newspaper in Toronto publish by Frank Touby. Police were also using Bruce Bell, a famous local celebrity and also an editor for “The Bulletin” in my entrapment. This was right before Armand La Barge came back from Israel and saw me. He came down with his wife afterwards and they wanted to ask me for dinner. It went right over my head. I was thinking about the miracles I was performing around that time. I also said to Julian Fantino, “Bring down Nicole Kidman and I will pull some miracles out my ass.” Fantino really did bring down Nicole Kidman and I really did start performing miracles. It was funny yet tragic. It is a long story and that is not the intent of this article."

Okay..that is just the opening section of his post on March 28 2008...and I had to stop copying. I didn't know where to stop. This page is so full of wierd rambles that...well..you gotta just go check it out yourself. I'm not even sure if this guy is serious?!?!?! He's definitely got this clown stumped.

Here's another one!

"I can give you another true story. In high school there was a tough guy name Dave Laurie. He died one day in a drunk driving accident. That was way back in around 1988. Years later, in 2004, when top police brass like Fantino and La Barge and the Minister of Public Safety, Monte Kwinter, divulged their secret file on me to me they told me that Dave Laurie had gotten a job with the RCMP to go undercover on me before he died. He went out to celebrate that night. He died later that night in a drinking and driving accident. Same thing happened to Princess Diane. I am also the reason why Nicole Kidman is scared that a similar fate to what happened to Diane, awaits her."

That's from the same post! This thing is seriously wrong of just off-the-wall rants about everybody wanting to kill him. I don't know. He's getting the BoBo Award...if this is just some kind of joke blog..then I will graciously and humbly accept the BoBo myself! But, this is just way to crazy not to be true. Please go..go..go for yourselves to see this...judge for yourself. Hes at www.killstephenharper.com In the meantime...I have sent him the BoBo Award...we'll see if he accepts it places it on his blog!

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