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Feb 29, 2008

McShamnesty Admits He's a Liberal!

Okay..let's end this leap year day on a positive note!!! Check out the link to see RINO McCain..even good ole Juan McShamnesty calls himself a liberal! You guys on the left gotta love it! Here's another reason why I will never vote for this RINO, he appears to be pandering to the left now as well! Who knows..if he keeps this up he just might take votes away from Obamarama Wangalanga Ding Dong in November!!

Okay..I can't take credit for this...this actually came off the Glen Beck site. You gotta see these pictures of McShame in a Kilt! Too funny! I don't have these photoshop skills. Hmmm..after looking more closely at this pic..isn't this Britney? She probably really does look like this now that she's in rehab. But, I digress. McShame sure has a nice flat, smooth tummy there! BDV-276416-BDV

See the Emperor's take on this over at The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

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