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Mar 3, 2008

Liberals are the ORIGINAL Fascists!!

Okay, so they say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Let's see what we can do with our first post of March. In case you don't know, Jonah Goldberg a regular contributor and editor at large over at the National Review Online has published a book titled Liberal Fascism that you can pick up over at Amazon.com by clicking the link to the right over there. In order to promote his book he provided a few snippets that are not in his book over at the Glenn Beck website. You can read the full article over there.

He wrote this book for Liberals versus conservatives. The premise is that we Conservatives already know our history and beginnings. The Liberals need to be educated about theirs. Here's a few points to consider:

"Mussolini reviewed FDR's book, Looking Forward proclaiming the author a kindred spirit. The way Roosevelt "calls his readers to battle," he wrote, "is reminiscent of the ways and means by which fascism awakened the Italian people." "Without question," he continued, the "sea change" in America "resembles that of fascism." Indeed, the comparisons were so commonplace, Mussolini's press office banned the practice. "It is not to be emphasized that Roosevelt's policy is fascist because these comments are immediately cabled to the United States and are used by his foes to attack him."

Hmmm. Seems FDR had Mussolini on his side. But, what about Hitler? Could we possibly dare to believe that the bastion patron saint on the left was endorsed by the NAZI himself?

"The German press adored FDR. In 1934, the Vlkischer Beobachter, the Nazi Party's official newspaper, described Roosevelt as a man of "irreproachable, extremely responsible character and immovable will" and a "warm-hearted leader of the people with a profound understanding of social needs." Hitler sent FDR a letter celebrating his "heroic efforts" and "successful battle against economic distress." Hitler informed the U.S. ambassador, William Dodd, that New Dealism was also "the quintessence of the German state philosophy."

I guess that would be a resounding, YES! Surely, Mr. Goldberg can't be suggesting that today's Liberals are anything like Woodrow Wilson or FDR?

"The Nazis and Italian Fascists won-over big business, cultural elites, the youth and the lower-classes because they portrayed themselves as heroically on the side of progress, protecting the environment and the poor. Fascists preached unity, togetherness and an end to division.

Liberals need to ask themselves where do they hear this rhetoric the most?

I'm not saying that merely being for the environment, the poor or national unity makes you a fascist. But what I am saying is that if you're concerned about spotting fascism on the horizon you can't just look at people you don't like. That's like only looking for your lost car keys where the light is good. Huey Long reportedly said that if Fascism comes to America it will be called "anti-Fascism." Liberals can still make their arguments that fascism comes from the right. But until they understand that wherever fascism may come from, it never arrives save in a form that the best and the brightest are willing to accept with open arms"

And, then again..maybe he is. Well, go check out all the articles yourself over here: Glenn Beck and then buy the book Liberal Fascism for yourself..and especially one of your liberal friends!

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