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Feb 28, 2008

The Real Minority in America - The White Man!

Okay..for the first post to my new blog..why don't we just start off with a topic that is sure to start some discussion. First, to my Liberal friends, I AM NOT A RACIST, nor am I into that whole white supremacy thing (I thoroughly expect to get flamin' hate mail on this topic!). This is a very simple observation. As I am aging, getting wiser, and greyer, my eyes are opening to the reality that in America, we white guys are the ones who are actually being discriminated against. We white guys are the one's who are really in the minority. Hmm..okay..you want proof? Okay..for starters..do you remember that loony guy on those TV ads who used to run around in a pseudo-Riddler suit by the name of Matthew Lesko who promises that you can make money off the government? Check out his website for a reminder. He clearly states that everyone is eligible for free government money and that everyone qualifies. Okay..so I bought into his schtick and put out the $39.95 for his book. I just knew I was going to get rich off the government (hmmm..must have been in my liberal days). In any case, as I search through it, all I find is that if you are a white male, there are no government programs, grants, or loans available. Yet, if you are a minority (black, yellow, female, native Indian, illegal immigrant, legal immigrant, etc.) there are programs and grants galore! Okay..need more proof? The Institute for Higher Education issued a work plan in April 2007 for opening the doors of our colleges and universities to LEGAL immigrants. Essentially, they are eligible for grants and lower in-state tuitions just because they are NOT Americans..Check it out HERE.

It is also a well known fact that our Liberal Universities have "quotas" and affirmative action plans that state they have to accept a minimum number of minorities into their schools. What this means is that if there are already too many white guys, they are forced to accept a minority who may have lower SAT scores and a lower GPA coming out of high school with less community involvement than their white counterpart. Additionally, they will give that minority a scholarship to get them into the school. Recently there was a case heard in the Supreme Court regarding the The University of Michigan Law School in which their point system for giving minorities preference in admission was initially struck down as being unfair, but was later overturned. So, what this means in a nutshell is that minorities get preference when it comes to our educational system.

Okay..so the Liberal stanza for these injustices are: "What about slavery? We enslaved the blacks for 200 hundred years. They deserve it!"; "Do you remember the trail of tears? We forced the Cherokee Indians from their homes. And..we stole their land from them, and tricked them out of Manhattan."..and blah blah blah; "Do you remember the Japanese interment camps during WWII? They deserve everything we can give them."; "What about the Chinese? We forced them to lay our railroad tracks for peanuts. They were indentured servants!"; "What about Woman's suffrage? We kept women barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen for generations! They've only been aloud to vote for the past 70 years!"..again..BLAH BLAH BLAH. For crying out loud!! That was over 200 freakin years ago? The Japanese interment camps happened over 70 years ago! When is enough enough? We white guys are now paying for the sins of our great great great grandfathers. Okay..I get the whole Tuskegee Syphilis Study thing and I admit that was a great blunder for public health and probably has a whole lot to do with the mistrust of the government and especially the white man in government. But, again, haven't we already paid enough? Do we need to keep using taxpayer dollars to fund every little thing that the minorities ask for? Do we still need to make sure that minorities are given preferences in our higher education system, workforce, and whatever else they can think of?

I can't even get a small business loan because I "make too much money" or I "have too many assets." Yet, my African-American brother down the street had no problem at all and we live in the same freakin' neighborhood. Believe me, he's probably pulling in the same cheddar that I am! America has come a long way in 200+ years. We may not yet have achieved MLK's Dream, but we sure have come a long way! Who would have thought 40 years ago that we would have a Black man on the verge of becoming the President of the United States? I say, more power to him if he can actually pull it off. If he does become the President, is this all of the minorities in this country sending a signal? Is this their way of sticking it to the white man?

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