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Jun 3, 2008

One down - One to go? Maybe.

So, Obama clinches the nomination and Clinton indicates that she wouldn't mind being on the so-called "dream-ticket" as the VP. Wow! So, she didn't really concede, she just accepted the fact that Obamarama has the most delegates.

Does anyone else here think that she might continue her fight at the Democratic Convention? Just saying...when was the last time you ever heard this power-hungry witch give in to anything? We'll see! In the meantime, if Obama is stupid enough to put Hillary on the ticket with him - as much as I hate to say it - I might have to vote for McCain. With Hillary on the ticket - this will definitely bring in all the Democratic votes to their side. I have my principles - but I would hate to see a marxist and a socialist take over this country and drive it in to the ground.

Besides - there are still rumors floating out there that someone somewhere has a tape of a racist rant by Michelle Obama. If the rumors are true and the tape does eventually get released - do you think the people will really want someone like that as a First Lady? If there really is a tape - do you think the Clinton's are behind it? I sure do! Again - as stated up in the first paragraph - the Clinton's are power-hungry and would do anything to obtain it and keep it. Considering there was no concession - I'm not holding my breath and I'm certainly not accepting Obama as the November candidate at this point!

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