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May 20, 2008

Mexican Slaves up for Auction Tomorrow!

Yes, that's what I said, Mexican Slaves - Illegal Immigrants - whatever you want to call them, but they are slaves to corporate America. Those slimeball politicians in Washington are at it again. As you all know, the Emergency War-time Spending Bill was approved by the house last week. It comes before the Senate tomorrow (Wednesday, May 21, 2008). Included in that WAR-TIME spending bill is what the Dems are calling an "Ag-jobs measure." Here's how it is described:

Congress including in the domestic-programs amendment a provision that would help pave the way for undocumented agriculture workers to win legal status, an amendment that could reopen Congress’ rancorous debate over immigration policy.

The supporters of the so-called Ag-Jobs measure, Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Larry Craig (R-Idaho), say the five-year program is needed to keep farms operating and crops growing. The provision was added by a 17-12 vote.

Notice how they've changed the term from Illegal Immigrants to undocumented workers to "Undocumented agriculture workers." They say they need this extra money in a WAR-TIME spending bill in order "to keep farms operating and crops growing." Wait - I thought you guys just passed a farm subsidy bill last week? You mean that wasn't enough to keep the farms operating? If not, you guys suck even more than I thought!

So, even though 80% of Americans have already said NO to Amnesty - they are trying to sneak it in and backdoor it in an EMERGENCY WAR-TIME spending bill. So, they are holding our troops hostage again! Either we say yes to amnesty or they so no to our troops!

Call your Senators tomorrow and tell them to either take this measure out of the WAR-TIME spending bill or vote NO on it. Freakin assholes! Again, they are trying to make it easier for those who come here ILLEGALLY to circumvent the whole system and jump ahead of those who have been here for years following the rules and doing it right.

Here is a link for finding out how to contact your Senators: click here

Now, tell everyone you can think of to contact their representatives tomorrow (Wednesday, May 21, 2008). Link back to this post or blog it yourself. In any case, we need to get the word out there again that America says NO to AMNESTY!

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