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Apr 9, 2008

Support our Troops! BRING THEM HOME!

Is anybody else out there getting tired of hearing that? That is such a contradictory statement it’s laughable.The purpose of this composition is to set the anti-war left straight when it comes to “supporting” our troops!

In order for you to understand how stupid that statement is you first need to understand what it means to be a soldier. I think I’m qualified to explain this to you since I grew up as an Army Brat and then served in the U.S. Air Force myself. My father is a Viet Nam veteran. He proudly served two tours over there while my mother, I, and my brother waited for him to return. Even after being in Viet Nam for two tours, he stayed in. He EARNED two purple hearts and wore them proudly… unlike a certain Massachusetts Senator who will remain nameless!

  • A soldier is a very dedicated individual.

  • A soldier loves his country and the freedoms it stands for more than you can ever fathom.

  • A soldier takes an oath to defend this country and the constitution from all enemies foreign AND domestic.

  • A soldier loves this country so much she will give her life defending it.

  • A soldier loves this country so much he will give his life for you even though you hate what he stands for.

  • A soldier is the kind of person who puts service to her country above all else but God.

  • A soldier might dislike what you say or do to him, but he will proudly defend your right to do it.

  • A soldier is a Leader as much as she is a follower.

  • A soldier goes into war knowing he might not come back.

  • A soldier will stay in the war as long as it takes to win.

  • Liberals will never understand this kind of dedication. They call our soldiers “sheep” for following the orders of their commanders and their Commander in Chief. This is not a dedication to their leaders. It is a dedication and love for our country that drives them to be soldiers. It is a calling. Not everyone can be a soldier. Only the truly dedicated, strong willed, and unselfish individuals can become a soldier. Liberals don’t understand this because they are only dedicated to defeat thinking only of themselves and what they want.

    This composition is not about the failures at the beginning of the war or the reasons why we went to war. What this is about is that now that we are at war we need to support our troops by letting them do what they were trained to do…kill the enemy. When you say that America is “occupying” Iraq, you are demeaning our troops’ mission and meaning for being there. America liberated millions of Iraqis from an oppressive evil dictator. To compare our soldiers’ mission over there as an occupying force is demoralizing. We are no more occupying Iraq than we are any other country on this planet.

    If you really want to support our troops, stop displaying a count of the number who have died over there. Do you realize how demoralizing this is to them? They already saw their best friend die. By keeping a tally, you only continue to remind them of that tragic day and you use their tragedy for political purposes. She uses that tragic day as a reason to continue her mission. He uses that tragic day as a reminder of why he is there…to kill the enemy before he kills him. Do you realize that more people are killed in traffic accidents in the U.S. each month than the total number of soldiers who have died over there in 5 years! Why are you not calling on the government to stop the production of automobiles?

    If you really want to support our troops, stop saying stupid stuff “Support our Troops. Bring them home.” Yes, in their hearts they miss their family and friends, but, they don’t want to come home until they can come home victoriously. If you really want to support our troops, stop playing politics with their livelihood. Tell your liberal representatives to stop supporting the enemy by calling our troops baby killers and barbarians. Tell your liberal representatives to stop trying to prosecute our soldiers for doing their jobs. Tell your liberal representatives to get behind them and their commanders 100% by giving them EVERYTHING they need to win this war even if that means sending more people and equipment over there. If you really want to support our troops…stop saying bring them home! They’re not ready to come home!

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