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Apr 10, 2008

BoBo Of The Week Award! Another terrorism denier!

Okay..this week's award comes from Matthew Rothschild over at The Progressive magazine online. What a dweeb this guy is! Here's the title of his post:

Bush Hypes Threat from Iran in Surge “Success” Speech

The basic premise of his discussion is that Iran is not a threat to the U.S. and that Bush is just trying to make a case for another "illegal" war. Seriously, do we have that many idiots in this country that truly do not believe that the holocaust denier Mockmood Ockmadinnerwhatever is not trying to bring on the destruction of Israel and the U.S. in order to lure that 12th Imam into existence? How many times does Owmywienerhurts have to say Death to Israel and America before it is understood that he really wants to do this? How many times does Askamoronagain have to say he is going to wipe Israel of the face of the earth before you understand he's serious? How many times does Assesinthewind have to say they are refining uranium "for peaceful purposes" even though it is weapons-grade uranium before the loony left understands that Iran is truly a threat?

Here's part of what he says in the opening paragraphs regarding Bush's speech:

"Time and time again, he lumped the alleged threat from Iran in the same breadth as the one from Al Qaeda, once again fusing enemies in the minds of the American people."
Okay...so...do you not think Iran is a threat? Personally, I think Iran is an even greater threat than Al Qaeda. But, hey, Rottenchild, if you libs get your way and we back off Iran, when you're bawling your eyes out as that Iranian nuke is headed your way to that major city you live in and you're on your knees calling on your God to save your ass...you just think about how proud you must be that you set Bush and the rest of us on the "right" in our places!

He also added some other blah blah blah about Bush and "sabre rattling." Then, he goes and throws this stupid line in there:

"By “America will act,” Bush is making damn clear that he intends to go ahead and bomb Iran."
Really? Bush specifically stated we would bomb Iran? Seriously, you guys on the left must be pretty deluged to think that any leader of any country would make an outright threat to bomb another country! Oh, wait...isn't that what Assinmyhand says on a daily basis in regards to what he plans for Israel and the U.S.? Okay..but...how do you know this is what Bush intended? Considering we have the best checks-and-balance systems in the world, do you honestly believe that any President of the U.S. could seriously bomb a country without approval from Congress? You are such a genius!

Lastly, here's how he finishes his discussion:

"We can keep telling ourselves that Bush wouldn’t be so foolish as to widen the war to Iran when the one in Iraq is going so badly. But foolishness has never stopped him before."

(Really? The war in Iraq is going badly? Where are you getting your news from?)

"Regard his words.

They put not only Tehran on notice.

They put Congress and the American people on notice.

This man is planning on waging another illegal war, and we need to do all that we can, nonviolently, to stop him."

And for this idiotic post...Mr. Rottenkid gets this week's BoBo Award. I'll let you know if he acknowledges it at all!

UPDATE - Well..never did hear back from Mr. Rottenkiddy. Guess he wasn't too impressed! Oh well..there's always next week!

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