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Apr 30, 2008

If you don't like it, then leave!!!

I'm getting really tired of these Muslims trying to change our American laws to suit their religious needs. If you want Sharia law then leave...go to one of those Muslim countries where you can be treated subserviently like you want to be...don't try to use our court systems to change things just because you feel persecuted for your religion. You think you feel persecuted here because a judge tells you you have to take off your veil in court? Try living in one of those muslim Sharia Law countries where you don't have any rights of access to the courts unless the males give you permission!!!

This idiot, Ginnah Muhammed (pictured above), goes to small claims court wearing that niqab. The judge tells her he can't rule on her case unless he can't observe her and tells her she has to remove it. She refuses, so the judge rules against her. Good for you, Judge!!!

First, that niqab is NOT traditional Muslim garb. The niqab is the full-body covering that is only worn by the most extreme and fundamentalist of Muslims. This is a relatively new form of garb that is not even subscribed or described in the Koran. The hijab, which is the simple veil and head-dress, is the traditional dress of the Muslim religion. The fact that she has chosen this form of dress is testament to her extremism.

She has taken this case to the Supreme Court saying her rights have been violated! Again, if you don't like the laws here, leave! We don't need your type of extremism here in this country. We don't want Sharia law in our country. A judge has every right to see who he is adjudicating. How the hell does he know it is you stepping in the court each time? A judge needs to be able to observe facial and body reactions. You wearing that niqab makes his job impossible.

Yes, I know we have extremists in our Christian and Jewish religions as well..but...none of them are trying to change the laws to fit their beliefs. Your religion has to fit our laws, not the other way around. You can't break the law under the guise of religion. The fact that you refuse to remove the niqab, which I reiterate is not traditional Muslim dress, just shows that you are not willing to conform to our laws. If you don't like our laws, then leave.

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