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Apr 29, 2008

Does Obamessiah really think we're all that stupid?

So, after the Reverend Wright made himself look like a really big ass yesterday at the National Press Club, Obamarama Ramalama Dingdong decides to come out today and really distance himself by strongly denouncing his pastor of 20 years!

I guess I was really wrong about the Obamessiah! I guess he really isn't a racist! I guess he really doesn't hold socialist and marxist views! How could I have been so wrong? I really thought that after he sat in the pews listening to the Reverend for 20 years, and having been married by the Reverend, and having his children baptised by the Reverend, and having the Reverend be his spiritual advisor, he really thought like the Reverend.

Well, gee whiz! Now that he strongly denounced the Reverend today, and I'm sure he didn't do it out of political expediency, I guess I should change my mind and just forget everything I learned about him...because...you know...I'M THAT STUPID!!!!!!

Other than THIS guy, I sure hope no one else in this country really believes him. I think the Reverend nailed it on the head yesterday when he said, Obama does what he does because he's a politician and will say and do what he needs to do to get elected. I believe that it is because of this statement that Obama has decided to finally distance himself from the Reverend. This past weekend Obama was defending the Reverend even though the good Reverend wasn't saying anything different than what he had said in the past. In fact, other than that statement about Obama being a typical politician, nothing that the Reverend said on Monday is any different than what has been said before. So, why is Obama suddenly distancing himself from his 20 year long friend and pastor? What changed in the last 48 hours?

I think it's because he IS a POLITICIAN! He no more represents change than does a catonic autistic patient banging his head in the corner of an asylum does. If Shillary ever had a real shot at getting the nomination, it has just gotten better for her!

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