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Apr 15, 2008

Great News for My Texas Friends!!!!

If you are a friend and support of Senator John Cornyn..this is some good news regarding his competition! I received this e-mail from TexasFred over at TexasFred.net

I received this from Vincent Harris @ Texans for Senator John Cornyn and he asked me to re-post it on my blog, if you're a Texas blogger and support Sen. John Cornyn, I am asking you to do the same! I know that not ALL of you are TEXAS Bloggers, no one is perfect, but if you have friends or family in Texas, if you know a TEXAS Blogger, please forward this to them, supporting Sen. Cornyn is a very important matter for us, and ALL help is greatly appreciated...


If y'all could help us hammer this message home today…it'd be awesome.

Rick Noriega has had it tough over the past couple weeks…

First, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) ranked Senator Cornyn's re-election campaign as a fourth tier race in the eyes of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

San Antonio Express-News, Democrats hope for gains in Congress, even in Texas

MSNBC First Read, Dems look down ballot

Then, there was this poll which had him 20 points down to Senator Cornyn in his own back yard.

And today, he reported unbelievably disappointing fundraising numbers. The attached backgrounder gives some context to this…please consider it not for attribution.

Suffice to say, Noriega has failed to capitalize on the early momentum his campaign was handed by Mikal Watts' departure and the undying devotion of left wing bloggers.


Today, Rick Noriega's Campaign Announced Raising $478,547.90 In The First Quarter Of 2008 And Has Less Than $330,000 Cash On Hand

Rick Noriega Believes He Needs to Raise $5 Million to Compete:

· "Noriega, who said he doesn't know how much is left from the $1 million he raised for the primary, said he would need to raise at least $5 million to compete this fall." (Elliot, "Noriega relieved to avoid runoff with perennial candidate Kelly," San Antonio Express News, 3/5/08)

Since making that statement, Rick Noriega raised $367,209.39. In order to reach the fundraising goals he personally established, he will have to raise:

- $4,632,791 between now and election day.

- $661,827 a month…That is significantly more money than he has raised even in his best quarter thus far, approximately $580,000 in 3rd quarter 2007. (Includes $50,000 loan from Noriega)

Noriega and his aides have said that his viability as a candidate will be based on his ability to raise the resources needed to compete:

· Noriega: "Whether we like it or not, people will gauge the strength of our campaign based on how much money we can raise," Noriega said in the fundraising solicitation. (Suzanne Gamboa, "Watts loans $3.7 million more to campaign," Associated Press, September 13, 2007)

· Campaign Manager Sue Schechter: "[W]e need to have a strong fundraising quarter to show the pundits we'll have the resources to go toe-to-toe with John Cornyn…" (Noriega campaign email, 9/27/07)

In the third quarter 2007 Noriega compared his fundraising to the fundraising of successful Democrats in 2006 at the same point of the campaign:

· "Noriega's fundraising totals put Texas on the map nationally, besting the benchmarks set by 4 out of 5 of the winning Democratic challengers in 2006 Senate races. As the attached chart shows, Noriega's totals put him ahead of the 2006-October 15th filings of John Tester (D-MT), Bob Casey (D-PA), Sherrod Brown (D-OH), and Jim Webb (D-VA), whose victories last cycle helped secure Democratic control of the US Senate. Noriega's totals are ahead of all winners except Claire McCaskill (D-MO) who was waging her third statewide race and received much of her support from national donors." (Noriega campaign press release, 10/1/08)

Using the same comparison now:

· Bob Casey (PA): $4.5 million cash on hand

· Sherrod Brown (OH): $2.7 million cash on hand

· Claire McCaskill (MO): $2 million cash on hand

· Rick Noriega (TX nominee): $330,000 cash on hand (4/15/08, Dallas Morning News)

· Jon Tester (MT): $261,000 cash on hand*

· Jim Webb (VA): $202,900 cash on hand**

*Texas has 23 million residents and costs $1.7 million for a week of television. Montana has 944,000 people and costs $275,000 for a week of television. Additionally, Tester was in the middle of a competitive primary that did not conclude until June of 2006.

**Jim Webb did not declare his candidacy until February of 2006.

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