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Apr 15, 2008

The BoBo is Guest Blogging at The Liberal Journal!

Well, I hope he doesn't mind...but I stole his logo over there ----------> to the right in order to plug this shindig!

Nelson was kind enough to step into the Big Top last Friday and was the guest blogger here. He posted a pretty good discussion regarding urban education. He got quite a few good responses to it.

Well..he has been gracious - and probably crazy - enough to ask me to guest blog over at his place this coming weekend. Be sure to head over to The Liberal Journal sometime either Friday or Saturday for my post. You know...that guy has a really nice site over there. I'm almost afraid to bring the clown car over there and just mess it all up!

You know how we eeevil conservative clowns can get! Should I go straight for the pie shot with his readers...or should I start off with a seltzer spritz here and there..and then SPLAT..nail them with a full frontal water bucket attack of strictly conservative thought that will just have them rolling on the floor into a fetal position?

I don't know. We'll see. I kinda like Nelson..I wouldn't want to trash his place after he so nicely allowed us in! In the meantime, why don't you guys just at least check it out over there..you know..kind of an advance scout party...check out his digs before I bring in the three-ring-circus! We'll do the BDA (For those of you with no military jargon experience..Battle Damage Assessment) on Sunday!

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