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Apr 3, 2008

Full time haters and self proclaimed experts.

As this week's liberal guest blogger, I have two subjects I'd like to comment on:

1: Negativity and hatred amongst conservatives, and
2: The conservative disdain for science.

First, while I often agree with many conversative positions, I can't align myself with the general attitude of hatred, negativity, and intolerance that is so often put out there by conservative commentators. Conservatism can be about positive futures and acceptance of new ideas, supported by intelligent discussions, but sadly the knuckle-draggers with neanderthal brains seem to be the voice of the contemporary conservative cause. All we see on blogs such as this one are post after post full of insults and name-calling, such as I just demonstrated by using the term "knuckle-draggers". It seems that if conservatives don't like something, rather than discussing it in a thoughtful and mature manner, they just begin acting like 3rd graders, attacking people on a personal level with childish insults. Or else, they resort to the worn out tactic of attacking someone's level of patriotism. Enough already. If you don't like something I've said, calling me a "nimrod" or anything similar won't do anything but make you popular with society's least educated people. Aim higher.

Second, what is going on with this new conservative hatred of science? Scientists are the people who lead us to medical breakthroughs, new sources of energy, more abundant crop outputs, and such common everyday necessities as gasoline and electricity. Yet, when it comes to a subject such as global warming, suddenly scientists don't know anything! It's all part of the liberal agenda, say the conservative commentators. How convenient! Why do you trust highly educated experts when it comes to heart buypass surgery, but you prefer to believe talk show hosts when it comes to global warming? Do Ann Coulter or The Bobo have degrees in meteorology? If the talking heads are so smart, would you trust Sean Hannity to perform that triple buypass surgery you might be needing in a few years?

So my message to conservatives is: chill out, stop hating, and start listening to people who spend their entire lives studying and researching the things that can radically impact your life. The talk show hosts and folks trying to sell books are leading you on a fast path to a hellish future.

For an alternative, often liberal viewpoint, visit my blog at: www.timflowers.com

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