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Mar 12, 2008

You've got to be FREAKIN' kidding me!!!

Okay..it was bad enough that the California Supreme Court took away a parent's rights to teach them at home and subsequently stated that a parent does not have the constitutional right to decide what they learn (see previous post here You're too stupid to teach your own kids!)..but...now they're suspending freakin' honor students for buy SKITTLES in school!

Michael Sheridan was stripped of his title as class vice president, barred from attending an honors student dinner and suspended for a day after buying a bag of Skittles from a classmate.
What the hell is this world coming to when kids can't even have candy in school? Who the hell made our school boards freakin' God? This kid has never had any troubles in school his entire short life thus far...and he gets freakin's suspended for 3 days for SKITTLES!!! Seriously..skittles! No..this is not slang for some wierd new-fangled drug the kids are in to these days...it really is the candy skittles!

How the hell did we as a nation allow our damned schools systems to become a communistic monopoly where the only agenda is socialism. The only thing they are teaching our children are how to be Socialists and to be good comrades!

The principle says she was just trying to keep the kid safe! Safe? From skittles?...here's the explanation...

Superintendent Reginald Mayo said Wednesday that Sheridan Middle School principal Eleanor Turner just wanted to keep students safe.

He said she warned students repeatedly after the school experienced a rash of candy sales in the fall. There were also worries about those selling the candy, especially after a student's wallet was stolen on the bus.

"She had concerns about the safety of students carrying large amounts of cash in school," Mayo said.

Large amounts of cash? These are freakin' middle school kids...how much dang money do you think they are carrying? Oh..wait..there's an underground candy blackmarket. I bet those skittles cost that honor student $20!!! I'm sure glad these schools in Connecticut are so worried about our kids eating candy at school. They would much rather the kids smoke marijuana and snort coke behind the boiler room. Sure..don't pay attention to the kids behind the boiler room...make sure you nab that kid selling those snicker bars in the bathroom!!

Didn't you parents realize you're too stupid to educate your children..and you're too stupid to teach them how to eat right! Didn't you know it's illegal to have candy on school grounds? You can't even put a little treat in their lunchboxes...think I'm kidding?

An administrator busted Michael with the candy in his pocket. His mother says the student who sold him the Skittles out of a lunch box was also suspended.

A copy of the district's policy states that "no candy or junk food fundraisers will be allowed on school grounds" and that only healthy snacks will be sold in vending machines.

The policy also prohibits bake sales and other food sales during school hours. The policy does not say anything about students sharing snacks when no money is exchanged.
Seriously..I can just see the next step...parents getting arrested as accomplices for giving their children candy in their lunchboxes...KNOWING there is a possibility that their kids might take advantage of that great thing known as capitalism..and sell their candy for a profit!!!!

STOOPID Parents! Ve know vot ees best vor ur cheeldrin. Ve haf set da rools een stone! You haf no bizness in schul bizness. You vill not question uns!

Damned schools! Wake up parents! It's time to take your children back! It was Karl Marx that stated "Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children's factory labor in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production." Get it? Children should be products of the state! Beware..if you don't wake up..they're taking your children away from you one socialist bit by one socialist bit!

UPDATE!!! Check it out here...the freakin' idjits decided to let the kid off! Do you suppose they came to their senses on their own? Nah...musta been all the negative publicity they got WORLDWIDE! Assholes!

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