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Mar 14, 2008

Okay..some serious Morons at The Kossikans!

Alrighty Then! Who better to start off the BoBo's than the libtards over at the Daily Kos! The premise of this article is that the "bid media" is a shill for Bush-Cheney and has been doing the bidding of "this administration" by keeping Iraq out of the media.

My head is about to freakin' explode! First..these people have got to be so far left that they're living in freakin' China to think that the most liberally biased media in the world isn't liberal and left enough for them!!!! OH MY G-D!!!!!

"There was a brief moment – remember? – when it looked as if the megamedia were going to make amends for having operated as a wide-open spigot for the propaganda of the Cheney-Bush administration in the Global War on Terror™ and actually do their job: finding the truth. For that brief moment, it wasn’t just Knight Ridder (later McClatchy) doing the heavy lifting in covering the Iraq war and occupation. Now we’re back to business as usual."

That's just the first and opening paragraph to this drivel!!! Okay..so you get the point of the that post...blah blah blah..bladity bladity blah..Bush sucks..blah blah..Cheney sucks..blah blah..We love Barbra Streisand..blah blah..troops are dead...bladablada.

But..that's not what this post is about..this post is about the damned idiot who posted a response to that discussion...The Libtard posted as Amayupta yo. First..He's up to what? Oh my G-d that's just so freakin funny..pardon me while I wipe the tears before my clown make-up runs off! Amayupta yo! If that's this poster's real name..I sure feel sorry for him.

Thug1: Yo!
Yo: What?
Thug1: Shut up holmes, I ain't talkin' to you.
Thug1: Yo! Hey, Yo!
Yo: Whattup?
Thug:1 Yo, Dawg! I said shuddafuckup! I ain't holla'n atchu! I'm callin my boy over dare!
Thug2: Aaay, Dawg! Whatayupta?
Yo: Nuddin but a thang chicken wang!
Thug1 & Thug2: Dude! Shuddafuckup afo we beat yo ass down and pop a cap in yo haid.

Okay..so I digress..let's get on to his..I don't even know what to call it or really where to start..so..lets get at the beginning----

"The post and pre-911 mentality of the GOP are an interesting set of ideas. Before 9/11 they stated that the Democrats were irrational in their obsession with al Qaida and with terrorism in general. The GOP was against the Democrat’s anti-terrorism bills that updated FISA, called for tagging explosives, called for locked reinforced doors on the cockpits of commercial airliners and called for armed US Marshals on commercial flights. Had the GOP taken the Democrats seriously back then, there would not have been a 9/11 in the first place and so no war in neither Afghanistan nor in Iraq."

What? Yo..or Amayupta..or whatever your name is...Seriously? I really wish when you idiots post shit like this you would site your sources!!! The Dems never have and never will be for securing this country! For your information...the idea to reinforce and lock the cockpit cabin doors came AFTER 9/11 and putting armed US Marshalls on commercial flights came AFTER 9/11 you retard! Both as a direct result of 9/11 you dimwitted nimrod! There were never any bills introduced prior to 9/11 to curb terrorism in any manner as you suggest. Not only did the Dems not introduce any such bills..but neither did the Republicans. NOONE was thinking it would happen! AAAAAGGGHHH. I don't even know if I can continue this...but..for you Clowns out there...gotta push through!

"When Bill Clinton tried to get the GOP Congress to help the United States combat terrorism they countered that it was all politics, that he was wagging the dog so to say, they did everything in their power to undermine a sitting President in a lethal battle. They pursued an impeachment trial on the flimsiest of reasons while he was trying to hunt down bin Laden. It seems that while the Democrats were obsessed with terrorism and bin Laden, the GOP was obsessed with Monica and a blowjob."

Hang on a sec gang...be right back...

Ouch! That hurt! Head exploded! Need to get duct tape ready next time! Do I even need to say anything about anything in that post? Holy nut nuggets! Bill Clinton tried to get the GOP to help combat terrorism? Was that before or after he let Osama Bin Laden go? Was that before or after he insisted Israel release Mohammed Atta? Was that before or after he refused custody of Abu Nidal? Whatayaupto Mo? How the hell do you guys re-write this crap? Is there seriously something wrong with the little gerbils in between your ears that you can't process information correctly? It goes in one ear..the little hamster wheels are rusty so they don't spin right..and the shit just pours out your mouth completely backwards from the way it went in?

Okay..duct tape warning....let's move on...

"The Bush Administration and the GOP continually ignored the intelligence from our allies warning us that bin Laden was planning a strike using commercial airliners. Before 9/11 you could not get a conservative to take terrorism seriously. Bin Laden’s al Qaida had already declared war on the US and bragged that they were going to manipulate the United States into invading two or more Islamic nations so that we would deplete our treasury, destroy our military and that they would do their best to keep us at war for decades. "

Oh.oh.oh.oh...blood squirting from my frikkin eyes! Duct tape doesn't stop that I guess! Where? Where do I begin? You ignoramus! If anyone ignored the intelligence it was your Butt Buddy Billy (where can I get a blow job around here) Clinton! The asshole reduced our HUMINT by 50% We lost almost all of our freakin covert local national operatives because of this bastard. He destroyed our SECOPS, our Electronic Security Services, NSA, CIA, FBI, and any other freakin intelligence gathering agency we had in our arsenal! I was in the ESS/ESC..I know what he did to us! I left the USAF because of the way he treated and gutted our military! It's no wonder his appointee George "Slam dunk" Tenet had to make up the intel..cuz there wasn't any valid info because of Clintoon! Secondly..please, oh please, link me to a transcript or video where Bin Laden predicted sending us on a goose chase to other countries! Pretty please? He NEVER said that you prick!

Okay..I can't do this any more...blood pressure increasing..clown nose falling off...If you guys want to read the rest of what he said...just follow the link! Dipshit over at Kos blames U.S./GOP/Bush & Cheney for 9/11 and everything else!

Oh..I can't believe there are people out there that really believe this stuff! Anyway..this deserves the very first BoBo Award..I'll keep ya posted!

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