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Mar 16, 2008

My Weekend Rant!

Okay...nothing special to report here. This is just my weekend rant. Just need to get things "off my chest" so to speak. Sort of a wrap up to all the crazy crap that's happened over the past week. So..where do we begin?

There was some crazy wench who refused to leave her ex-boyfriend's bathroom for 2 years! First..emphasis on EX!!! Next..2 years! What the hell is wrong with that Ex-boyfriend? Why the hell did he wait 2 freakin years to call the dang police to extract her? And...it was a true extraction. They had to call in the fire department to remove her...with the toilet seat..because her skin grew around the toilet seat. That is just so disgusting and downright wrong that it is unfathomable. This woman needs some serious mental health counseling. Next...I think that ex-boyfriend needs some professional help as well! Why would he let someone hi-jack his bathroom? It was in a freakin single-wide mobile home. Where the hell did he go to the bathroom? This whole story is so wrong in so many ways it boggles the mind!

Next - This was probably the biggest story of the week...Eliot Spitzer and his escapades with $5500 hookers? First..I saw the pictures of the hookers he was hiring...nothing special. My wife is better looking than those hookers. Second..there is no piece of ass out there or anywhere worth $5500!!!! I wouldn't even pay $1.00 for it! What kind of sick pervert would hire a hooker? Worst yet..what kind of evil person does it take to hire a hooker..WHEN YOU'RE MARRIED!!!!' Secondly, what kind of woman stays with a man who has continuously abused your trust and puts your health at risk? I don't think God had hookers when he made the vows "for better or worse!"

The last thing I want to talk about is that racist the Pastor Jeremiah Wright. NO matter how much Mr. Obama denounces this man...Wright is still a bigot and a racist. Don't give me this "black pride" stuff! He hates white people and he is an anti-semite. He associates with the likes of Farakkan (sp?). Obama and his wife have been with this church for 20 years. They got married there and had their children baptised there. They have been listening to this hate speech for 20 years. There is no way you can tell me it didn't sink in with them. Yet..they subjected their children to this tripe as well. They are poisoning the minds of their children. What kind of people teach their children to hate other people like this? Why would we want to have an individual like as a President? Obama says he has never heard Wright make speeches like the ones that were publicized. Well..perhaps Obama has been hearing this crap for so long he doesn't even realize its hate speech. Perhaps Obama and his wife have been listening to this crap for so long they don't even realize they've become America hating racists. Michelle Obama herself said she was never proud of her country before. It took the potential likelihood that a black man to be nominated for President for her to be proud of her country. Why would we want a woman who hates this country so much to be our first lady?

Anyway..that's my weekend rant. If I don't cut this off now..it could this entire website! See ya Monday!

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