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Mar 17, 2008

BoBo of The Week Award! - "STICKY to the TOP"

Okay, check it out! Beginning every Thursday, I'm going to send an e-mail to a blogger telling them they've won The BoBo of The Week Award with the code for them to add it to their site! See that image to the left there..that's the award! Pretty funny shit! Click on the link above to take you to page to find out how to nominate someone yourself.

The idea is to find a blogger out there..preferrably a liberal blogger...who has posted something just so idiotic and outrageous that they deserve The BoBo! I will blog about that idiotic post..then link their award to my blog post about how idiotic their post was. One of three things will happen...

1. The BoBo will actually place the award on their site.
2. The BoBo will send me a flaming e-mail telling me to do something to myself in nasty manner that only a lib could come up with, or
3. The BoBo won't respond at all.

In the case of #1..We can all go out and laugh at his ass for actually putting the award on his site. In the case of #2..I will post his e-mail on the blog for us to laugh at!
In the case of #3..Oh well..at least I tried!

Notice the new section on the right sidebar "BOTW Award Winners." This is where I will be placing the link to the sites that I think deserve The BoBo! Come back and check! Again, if you want to nominate someone..please click the link above to go to The BOTW Award page or just click this colored linky thing here!

I'm really really really hoping that I get a lot of #2's..lol..and no..I don't mean THAT #2! See the post directly below this one for the very first ever recipient of The BoBo of The Week Award!

UPDATE! Just an addition to the nominating rules. If you have found a blogger or article that you think deserves the award and you have already done a thorough beat down of your own when you send me the e-mail to nominate that blog/blogger..provide me the link to your post. I will just do a referral from my page with a trackback and when I send them the e-mail with the code..the code will link back to your original post.

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