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Mar 29, 2008

Blanca DeBree is da bomb!

What is the headline you say?

Just Call Obama a Nigger and get it over with!

I was just cruisin the sphere sippin on the 'Dew when I rolled on in to her page...then I see this headline big as day!

After I immediately ran out to the kitchen to grab some paper towels and glass cleaner to clean off my computer screen, and after a little touch up for the clown lipstick that smeared as a result...I actually got a chance to read the rest of the article. Man..Blanca tells it like it is and gives the whole low-down on this whole race...no..the political race..and how the RACE CARD is being thrown out everywhere..overtly, covertly, underhandedly, openhandedly, and just plain thrown out there. I highly encourage everyone to get over there and read it ..right now!

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