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May 22, 2008

It's The Bobo of The Week Award!!!

Well, I was going to give the award to Anok over at Identity Check for THIS POST, but I am so tired of all of these anti-war leftists, I just can't do it any longer! It's getting old.

Instead - I found a real doozy of a website. Yes, it still is somewhat related to the whole war thing - but this is coming from a Muslim guy who details out the history that lead up to 9/11. While there is some good stuff out there - which we already knew - he concludes that 9/11 was our fault and that even with the extensive history that he puts up, GWB and every single high-level senior official in the government, military, and private big-oil sector knew it was coming, yet they purposely let the attack happen in order to further their big-oil agenda.

It's a bit hard to follow this website - it looks like its an attempt to lay this out in some outline form with chapters and sort of a table of contents style. But, it's all over the place. I will try to piece some of it together for ya.

Here's just a few snippets from over at Inside 9/11:

If you find this hard to follow - I suggest heading over to the site yourself to try and decipher it. Make sure you check out this guy's profile too!

More on Bush, bin Laden and Saudis

• There is evidence that bin Laden continued to receive aid from Saudis even after his supposed break with his family as the "black sheep"
• January 2001: FBI ordered to back off investigations of bin Laden's charities
• Prince Bandar is so close to the Bush family that he is jokingly referred to as "Bandar Bush"
• On the morning of 9-11, George H. W. Bush was having breakfast with bin Laden’s brother, discussing Carlyle group business
So - you getting the idea here so far? Here's the next set:

Gerald Posner, author of "Why America Slept"

• Posner recounts a story about the capture of bin Laden's lieutenant, Abu Zubaydah, in Pakistan, March 2002
• Interrogation was conducted by two Americans posing as Saudis
• Zubaydah, appearing relieved to believe he was in Saudi custody, named three high princes of the Saudi regime who he said would help him
• Interrogators said that it was likely these princes would not help him after 9-11
• Zubaydah said 9-11 changed nothing, they knew about it in advance
• Four months later, all three princes named died within days under mysterious circumstances
Wow! That last line smells of conspiracy theory! I guess the CIA is back in to covert sanctions! Seriously! If we can't even keep a freakin' secret about the most secret of secreted classified information from the damned New York Times and CNN - could we really keep this kind of stuff out the media? If our embedded reporters are going on air and revealing battle plans in the sand - can anyone in the government get away with this kind of shit today? With the way that the government representatives "leak" absolutely everything that is happening in the White House - there is absolutely no way in H.E. double hockey sticks this would go unnoticed and definitely not un-reported.

This Final "Chapter" title says it all for ya:

Chapter 7: Did U.S. officials have reasons for allowing 9/11?
Here we go!

Pre-9/11 plans to attack Afghanistan

• Growing shift in U.S. policy toward Afghanistan in 2001
• Centered on desire of Bush administration to create a pipeline from Central Asia to Indian Ocean
• May have been partly to furnish natural gas to an Enron plant in Dabhol, India
• Unocal and Delta Oil of Saudi Arabia were primary partners in pipeline deal
Uh oh! Smells like a "War for Oil" plot's a brewin'!

Bush administration and Afghanistan

• Series of meetings held with Taliban, Pakistani, and Russian intelligence officers
• Unable to agree on pipeline and bin Laden deals
• Culmination was a July 2001 meeting in Berlin
• Pakistani representative reports that
• Taliban was offered a "carpet of gold, or a carpet of bombs"
• Privately, a military operation was planned before snows fall in Afghanistan (October)

Other evidence of Afghanistan attack plans

• Throughout early 2001 Bush administration appeared to have two-pronged policy: large cash aid, and covert preparation for war
• U.S. began working with Russia and India to supply Northern Alliance in March 2001
• Pentagon plan for attacking Afghanistan was started in April 2001
• Troops were told of a major exercise to take place mid-September
• Reliable western military sources say that a U.S. contingency plan to attack was complete by end of summer 2001
You know...all that is well and good - but - if this was all about the oil - who was involved and what were the intentions? Oh - you have that too, do ya?

Who was on the pipeline gravy train?

• Zalmay Khalizad, formerly of Reagan/Bush 41 admins and Unocal
• Hamid Karzai, also of Unocal, now Mayor of Kabul
• Henry Kissinger, advisor to Unocal
• Alexander Haig, lobbyist for Turkmenistan
• Dick Cheney, Halliburton
• Zbigniew Brzezinski, consultant to Amoco
Oh - you've got to be freakin' kidding me! Henry Freakin Kissinger and Al Haig? Gimme a break. I expected to see Bush, Cheney, and all the other big oil people on a conspiracy list like this...but Kissinger and Haig? Are you serious?

Okay - with that - I'm done. This guy's done! There is still more conspiratorial stuff out there and he starts naming a lot of high level officials in the government and private sectors and something about a plan called "Project for a New American Century." You know, you gotta hand it to this guy - he really makes this one look good with all the bullet points and quotes and stuff like that. At least he makes it look like he made a serious attempt to do some kind of research. The problem is that there is well too much heresay and unattributed quotes and citations. Considering this guy has a title of "Dr." you'd think he would have learned proper citation! Not only that, but I googled this guy. If he were really a Dr., don't you think I would have found publications somewhere? Nope - just lots and lots and lots of blogs by this guy. Plus, you have to wonder what his motives are.

Anyway - he's this week's BoBo of The Week Award Winner!

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