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Apr 14, 2008

My Monday Megaphone!

I'm just going to forego all the linking to any of the news I talk about in here..cuz..if any of you have been keeping up this past week..you already know it's in the news. This is just my rants about the stupid crap going on!

Let's start with Nancy "Stretch" Pelosi and the Democratic Congress! WTF? Seriously, she has stiffed one of our only allies in South America for political gain? It took decades for Columbia to become a great ally in South America. Their government has been fighting the drug Cartels to the detriment of their lives and she thinks she gets to decide on whether or not we should open up a trade agreement with them? So..why did she stiff them? Because she wants G.W.B. to add another $10 billion to the economic stimulus package to give money to public health concerns...money that has absolutely nothing to do with stimulating the economy...money that will only increase the welfare roles and make more people dependent on big government. She's pissed that G.W.B. warned he would veto anything extra added to that stimulus package so she decides to tell one of the only allies we have in South America that they cannot trade with us? I am so sick and tired of these stupid ass partisan politics it makes my freakin clown nose explode! We already had to borrow the $150 billion from the Chinese for that stupid so-called stimulus package. Where the hell does she think we're going to get the other money from? Pelosi is an idiot!

Next - Obamarama! What a racist! He will destroy his own campaign if he continues to spout such hateful speech as what he said while in San Fran. I say, go for it. He can self-destruct all he wants. Seriously, he really thinks that all of small-town America are racists? Did he really think that none of us in America would be able to understand him when he says that small-town America has "antipathy towards anyone different?" I hate to agree with Shillary - but - she is correct when she says that Obamarama is an elitist. But, that's calling the kettle black isn't it? Or was that just a racial slur? I don't know..I'm getting so sick of the P.C. bullshit it's not even funny! When you start putting everything together, hopefully the Obama kool-aid drinkers will wake up and see this guy for who he really is...a Marxist racist. When you start to put all of his associations together, we really get a good picture of who this guy really is. It starts to make sense that he has a racist anti-American reverend. It starts to make sense that he associates with a racist like Farookhan. It really begins to make sense that he associates himself with a self-admitted anti-American terrorist like Ayers. The statements made by Mrs. Obamarama about not being proud of America begins to make sense. Obama is a racist and he hates America as it is. He wants a socialist America and by God I hope people wake up to his agenda. I hope the main stream media stops giving this guy a pass and really starts digging in to what he really stands for. He hates white people- the fact that he called his grandmother a "typical white person" and proceeded to describe how "typical white people" are scared whenever a black person walks near them. This is racist and hateful speech. If a white person had said he acted like a "typical black person" by calling small town America racists..that person would be excoriated to no end. He had the perfect opportunity to show how we can proceed in America with race relations by supporting his own delegate in Illinois when she was accused of and fined for making a racial slur when she told some kids to get out her tree and they were acting like monkeys. But, nooooo...he had to ask her to step down! He only proved that he is a racist and will continue down that socialist politically correct road. That was no more a racial slur than me playing cards and point out the ace of spades! Obama is an idiot!

Shillary - Wow! Who does she think she is? She's calling Obama an Elitist? There are so many documented and reported instances while she was the first lady and the way she treated people that she has no right to call anyone an elitist! Her and her hick husband are two of the biggest elitists in this country. The fact that she is now running for President will only serve to boost her ego even further than where it started. And...what is with her doing a photo-op downing boilermakers? We see pictures of her doing whiskey shooters with beer chasers? Yup..that's the kind of President I want in the Whitehouse? Does she think this is going to make her appear to be more like us peasants? It was bad enough that her husband getting BeeJays in the oval office increased the teenage oral sex rate because "oral sex is not sex" despite the word "sex" being in the term...now...does this mean we're going to see a significant increase in our young un's engaging in underaged drinking? The Clintons are no role models and this just goes to prove it. Why isn't anyone from AA coming out against this? A Senator and Presidential candidate on the road promoting alcohol consumption! Just wonderful! Had this been McCain it would be on all the front pages of every single newspaper and the lead-in story to every broadcast news network in America! This woman is an idiot and no more deserves to be President than does Obama.

McCain - What can I say about this Liberal moron? Sure, he says he's pro-border security, NOW! Sure, he says he will institute Bush's tax cuts permanently, NOW! Sure, he says will appoint strict constitutionalist judges, NOW! This guy is just another freakin' politician. Just saying what he thinks the conservatives want to hear in order for him to get elected. While the talk-radio talking heads like Rush, Glenn Beck, and Hannity have decided to support him because he's a Republican, I'm sorry..I still can't support him. He is no conservative and he is no Republican. This guy is just another Liberal Democrat who just happens to have an "R" behind is name. He committed a full frontal attack against our constitutional right to free speech with that stupid as McCain-Feingold act. He tried to back-door amnesty on the American people after we already said NO at the top of our lungs with that stupid-assed McCain-Kennedy bill. He voted against the Bush tax cuts. He put a helluva lot of pressure on Alito and Roberts during the confirmation hearings. This guy can't be trusted. Sure, he is an American war hero and he suffered a lot of inhumane treatment at the hands of the Viet Cong in Hanoi Hilton..but..that was over 40 years ago. They say it is a true testament to his character. I say, "Bullshit." This guy no longer has any character at all. He is a true-blue politician through and through. I won't be voting for this guy come November either.

So..who am I voting for? I don't know yet. It will be a write-in vote..just don't know who it will be yet. Since I'm in Florida..I just might vote for Mickey Mouse!

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