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Apr 23, 2008

And the Games Continue!

With Shillary's win last night..I'm in a BoBo quandary...I don't know if this is good or bad! While the media keeps pushing this 55% - 45% win and "double-digit" mantra (I guess it's a psychological thing), it was more like a 9.4% win..but who's counting the decimals these days? So..here's my dilemma...while I feel it is really great to watch the Dummicrats tear themselves apart, the fact of the matter is that Shillary is gaining more support and is actually becoming popular again on their side.

McShamnesty came out today and said he wants to be the President for all the people, "Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and everyone from all walks of life." He is liberal enough that he could in fact pull in the Dem and Independent vote for sure. He'll even pull in some of those Republicans who will throw their principles out the window, hold their nose, and vote along party lines. However, if Shillary does get the nomination, there is a most excellent chance at this point she could probably pull out a win. God help us all if that really does happen.

So, this goes back to an earlier post of mine regarding why people are still supporting Obama. I wrote that post prior to the Pennsylvania primaries. Based on the numbers coming out of Penn...it looks like the Dems may be waking up and actually taking notice of who Obama really is. Shillary took the upper-class Dems in suburban Philly - a demographic that Obama was expected to win. She also took the blue-collar vote in Western Penn. She also took the white male vote, the white female vote, the elderly vote, a majority of those who make < $50k and a majority of those who make > $50k. Essentially, Obama only got the black vote and the leftovers of the other demographics. Shillary won 60 out of 67 counties in Pennsylvania.

When you look at the states that Shillary won compared to Obama, (Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, California, New Hampshire, Texas, etc) We begin to see a pattern. Shillary wins the larger states. This will be very important when June comes around, the primary season is over, and neither have a majority of delegates. It will most indeed come down to the convention and the Superdelegates. I have no doubt in my mind that Shillary will have the momentum going in to that convention and will be awarded enough of the Superdelegate votes to get the nomination. She will be able to convince the DNC and the rest of the political Dem representatives that she is the clear candidate that has the best chance of beating McShamnesty. Obama has essentially ruined his chances now with his elitist attitudes, his association with a racist pastor, his association with a radical nation of Islam racist, his association with a homegrown terrorist, and his association with a real estate scam artist. The people are starting to listen to his Marxist, hard left views and beginning to realize he is not their choice. I can picture a lot of people who voted for Obama calling up the DNC saying "Nevermind, I change my mind!"

I don't think that McShamnesty can win over Shillary come November. She has actually drawn the line with Iran and clearly stated we would "obliterate" them. I actually like that! I can't freakin believe that I agree with her. The only problem..that is the only thing she has said that I like. The bigger problem is that there might be enough Reagan Democrats who hear her take these positions and decide to vote for her instead of McShamnesty.

So...while her win in Pennsylvania means more folly for us conservatives, the danger is that she could actually win!

UPDATE! As I was making my usual rounds, I found a similar post to this one...looks like Debonair Dude and I are on the same wavelength again! Go see what he as to say!

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