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Mar 9, 2008

Providing a thorough beat-down to the Left!

This is an absolute must see! Here's a taste:

I could care less if my country is respected around the world, 'mouse. That's where we just need to have a margarita. Um... Frozen!

I don't care about what others think. Even other countries. You can't live like that on a personal level, and you can't live like that on an international level. It's a paralyzing mindset, as any psychologist will attest. You have to make your best effort based on solid principles and go with it. If you doubt yourself and what you're made of, there are plenty of jackals waiting to devour your remaining sense of Self.
Yeah...that's pretty good..this one's better...

Great education comes from healthy competition. Truly awful tenured professors and teachers at public schools can't get fired. More money will not fix that, and Obama is too much of a fucking Chicago politician --bought and paid for-- to buck the NEA or any other inbred group of union slackers.

The best education? Pain.

If life doesn't hurt when we do stupid things, we don't learn...

For those of us who have often wanted to just lay it all out on the line and just haven't figured how to put it in words...The Joan of Argghh over at Primordial Slack has said it all for us..go check it out!

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