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Mar 19, 2008

Nothing to report?

Well, sure. There is tons to report about. Afterall, today is the 5th Anniversary of (Liberal point of view: our invasion and occupation of Iraq) See the loonies over at the Daily Kos for their psycho take on it or (Conservative point of view: Our implementation of a strategic military action for the purposes of removing a dictator and instituting freedom and democracy in the area). The guys at Bark Bark Woof Woof didn't like Cheney's responses to questions about the war. So? LOL. In either case, not really sure if it really is a day to celebrate. Things got pretty F.U.B.A.R. there for a while. Since there is no bad news in the MSM, ...it must be good. Since there is no good news being reported by the MSM...it must be good.

In any case, I just don't have it in me today to do the political blogging thing. I'm taking a break from my homework. Yup..that's what I said..homework. Just a little more info about the BoBo. I'm currently working on a Ph.D. in Epidemiology.

(Liberals in unison) ..uugghh. A conservative getting a higher education? Impossible!

(Conservatives) Way to go BoBo!! You da man!

I'm currently in my second year. Still maintaining a 4.0! Seriously! Now..for those who don't know what the field of epidemiology is...get out your dictionary and look it up! Bwahahaha. Not gonna make it that easy for ya. Let's just say there is lots of statistics and number crunching going on. It's also in the field of Public Health.

(Conservatives in unison) Oh..say it ain't so! A conservative in a liberal field? Why oh why?

(Liberals in unison) Oh..say it ain't so! A conservative infiltrating one of our most sacred programs? Why oh why?

Actually..I have no need for the degree in order to advance my career. It was a field that I was interested in and just wanted to learn more about it. Who knows...maybe I might start teaching as an adjunct professor at one of our liberal institutions in order to counteract anything the liberal professors are poisoning our kids' minds with!

I know..an evil conservative advancing his knowledge just for the sake of it! Who wulda thunk it? And...a terminal degree at that! Anyway...just needed to take a break from all that political blogging stuff for a moment. That stuff can really eat atcha and send the blood pressure up. Likewise, needed a break from the books right now. I have 1 case analysis on the Indian Health Services, 1 formative analysis paper on adolescent substance abuse to include epidemiological data (mortality, morbidity, and disability) as well as public health interventions, and 1 substantive interview regarding administration and leadership with a local public health leader all due tomorrow. That doesn't include the 300 hundred pages I had to read leading up to it. So..mind is a bit of mush right now...

Think I'm gonna sign off now and watch me some cartoon network or maybe something on Disney. Then again, I did recently purchase the new Justice League: A New Frontier DVD. Might pop that one in instead!

Well..g'night and keep on bloggin! BoBo Out!

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