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Mar 20, 2008

It's the BoBo of The Week!

I'm not entirely sure this guy is a Liberal blogger. Some of his posts appear to be somewhat conservative leaning. Can't quite figure it out. However, despite that fact, I could not help but determine this guy most certainly deserves this week's BoBo because of this post!


It is a very short post..but he says alot..just in the title of his post alone! This bonehead seriously believes that our government is torturing people. He does not provide any proof or even go into detail about what torture he thinks we are conducting and on whom. This is the entire post!

"The House has failed to override President Bush's veto of a torture bill that would have seriously restricted or eliminated several forms of interrogation used in anti-terrorism investigations. That's the news. Now my comments: Why are we even having this conversation in America? The United States, leader of the free world, promoter of democracy, tortures people? Yes, we do, all in the name of "homeland security", the same catch-all phrase that greenlights all kinds of un-American behavior. And we turn our heads and pretend all is well, so afraid of terrorists that we're convinced Ahmed the Saudi Arabian pizza delivery boy has hidden a bomb under the pepperoni's. While Bush is telling us that torture and other immoral acts are necessary to preserve the American way of life, he conveniently fails to mention that many of his policies are completely opposite of traditional American values. Up is down, wrong is right, as George Orwell would say. Stop pretending this stuff isn't going on or that's it's not your concern. Get involved, write your representatives and demand they take a stand on this crucially important issue."

Unless he can specifically state exactly what torture we are committing..this nutjob hasn't a leg to stand on! The bill was vetoed because it took away interrogation tools that are absolutely necessary to ensure the safety of this country you dimwit. I can only assume this idiot was talking about "waterboarding" of which was only used 2 times in Gitmo which saved 1,000's of lives on American soil and in Iraq. Additionally, waterboarding is not torture. It is a "stress" technique that just makes the subject extremely uncomfortable. At no time is the subject ever in a position of harm that could lead to death, dismemberment, or disfigurement. Apparently, this idiot does not appreciate the fact that he currently has the ability and freedom to blog this bogus crap because of our interrogation techniques. Does this idiot want us to offer some of the most heinous terrorists a cup of coffee or tea and then ask them to pretty please tell us when the next attacks are or where the bombs are placed or where the most dangerous terrorist cells are planted? What a maroon!

What is extremely funny about this post is that he used "Ahmed the pizza delivery boy" as an example of unfounded fear of terrorism in our country. HEY, IDIOT! Did you not hear about the Fort Dix Six? You freakin idiot...the mastermind behind that plot was a freakin pizza delivery boy and that was how they had planned on getting the bombs into the gate!

"Authorities say the men were preparing to buy automatic weapons to use in an attack on Fort Dix when they were arrested. They targeted the Army post, which is 25 miles east of Philadelphia and primarily used to train reservists, partly because one of them had delivered pizzas there and was familiar with the base, according to court filings. The objective: to kill "as many American soldiers as possible."
Anyway..for this moronic post, and for being so clueless..he deserves the BoBo of The Week Award. I have already sent him his e-mail with the award. We'll wait and see what he does!

BOTW Honorable Mention: h/t to Greg over at 454 Monte for this one. Unfortunately, I could not give it The BoBo because it was a string of comments in a conservative blog made by a liberal. He's arguing that Pastor Wright is not a racist. He was thoroughly ripped by the other commentors and blog administrators over at the Rottweiler. Go ahead and check it out. Pretty good stuff!

UPDATE! Mr. Flowers has accepted his award! Well..actually, he has acknowledged receiving it and has indicated such on his own blog. You can go check it out. On behalf of us at The BoBo Files...Congratulations Mr. Flowers! You truly do deserve this award! I also received an e-mail from him. I won't actually publish it here..but, lets just say he said I need to be careful about what names I call him on my blog because his attorneys would just love to contact me! Man! What a hoot! Makes the tears run down my face I'm laughing so hard. Gonna have to touch up the clown make-up again!

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