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Mar 31, 2008

Betcha feelin' real smart now aren't ya!

This is actually intended for all those global warmongering believers out there who drink from the fountain of the Gore Almighty...for the rest of you smart ones who didn't buy into the hoax..you can skip to the next post if you'd like...or you can read the rest for the entertainment!

So...On Saturday, March 29th, 2008 you all turned off all your electronic appliances and lights for one hour in a "symbolic gesture" to prove that you believe in man-made global warming and you support global socialization through "Green Taxes." Wonderful! You must be feeling really proud of yourselves about now.....

It was reported that while you nimrods in 35 countries around the globe participated...there was no significant decrease in usage. In fact, in many areas, usage actually increased. If you think this was so symbolic and global warming exists...how come none of you will answer these questions truthfully?

1. The highest recorded temperature in the U.S. was back in 1934. So how is it possible that global warming exists and we are in dire straits now? Why aren't the temperatures in the U.S. increasing each year if this were the case?

2. The highest recorded temperature globally was recorded in 1998 - ten years ago. Same question as above except for on a global scale.

3. If CO2 is the main greenhouse gas that causes man-made global warming - how is it that while CO2 has continuously increased over the years, the temperatures in the U.S. and globally have remained relatively level, or have decreased over the past 10 years?

4. If man-made global warming were true, why is it that most of the authors of the U.N.'s IPCC report on global warming have been backing away from the report and requesting to have their names removed (some have actually had to sue to get their names removed) because they were mislead about the purpose of the report? They contend their parts of the reports were edited and changed to benefit and support global warming when in fact their original reports refuted it.

5. Why is it that the leading astrophysicists, meteorologists, and others who are actually involved in studying global weather patterns say the main cause of global warming is actually the SUN, not man yet you don't hear about this in the main stream media?

The fact is temperatures globally have actually fallen in the past 10 years..not risen. They recently completed a 5 year scrub of the ocean floors..the results? No significant increase in CO2 sediments...ergo..if CO2 and global warming are linked...there is no global warming.

The fact is that it has been found that a large majority of the international thermometers that are used in tracking global temperatures have been found to be installed incorrectly? Due to the incorrect installation the thermometers have been reported to indicated temperatures up to +6 degrees which throws off the aggregate numbers...giving the false illusion of an increase in global temperatures.

You global warmongering nutjobs need to wake up and smell the coffee! People like Al Gore are just using you lemmings to get rich! He owns several "Green" Hedgefunds that are making him millions! He owns several Carbon Offset organizations that is making him millions. The more people he enlists like you..the richer he gets. In the meantime, you are allowing people like him scare the shit out of our children making them think we're all going to die if something isn't done about global warming! Global warming does not exist! In fact, we've been having a global cooling! Record lows have been happening all across this country! It snowed in freakin' Iraq for crying out loud...you know..that tiny little country in the middle of the desert that all the anti-war protesters are up in arms about?

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