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Mar 28, 2008

Are you a Leftwing Whacko?

THIS IS NOT A PAID ENDORSEMENT! Usually, I would charge someone for this. However, considering how funny this thing is, I felt I needed to blog about it. I received an e-mail from Don Hagen. He is the author of THE SATIRICAL POLITICAL BELIEFS ASSESSMENT TEST. You gotta see this thing to believe it. It is a satirical look at today's politics. You take the test and see whether you are an Archconservative, A Leftwing Whacko, An Antigovernment Libertine, or A Commie Sympathizer.

While you don't actually have to fill out any blanks or color in any boxes, it is a list of questions with the answers that one of the above would give to that question. Here's an example:

10: What techniques are best for maintaining discipline in the classroom?

CONS: If just one student misbehaves, severely punish the entire class.

LIBL: Force boys who refuse to settle down to take psychotropic drugs, such as Ritalin and Prozac.

LBRT: Anyone who doesn't want to be in class can leave.

COMM: Anyone who doesn't want to be in class can be made an example of.

I encourage everyone to check this out. Apparently he has been featured among some of the bigger blogs and political spokespersons.

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