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Mar 15, 2008

Sex too hard to sell these days!

Apparently, Spitzer didn't have a revolving account with these folks!

Here's what the Madam has to say:

"The family-run Hotel Luxor, established in 1948, is being sold to an investor and will close down for good next month, madam Waltraud Mehrer said, according to the Hamburg Morgenpost and Bild newspapers.

She blamed the decline in business on easily available Internet porn, the rise of call-girl services [emphasis by me], and "noisy discos and dance clubs" on the same street as her business, the newspapers reported."

Did you catch that "family-run" part? Well..Mr. Spitzer certainly could have hired one of them German call-girls! Maybe that's why it cost $5,500! He had to pay for them to fly over on Lufthansa! Having lived in Germany for 8 years and passing through the Frankfurt Red-Light district..I can totally confirm...those women in the windows (literally) don't shave!! Nothing! They are the hairiest! I have a feeling that part of the reason..other than the aforementioned..probably has something to do with the fact that most guys don't want to feel hairy arms around them!!!

Okay..so things are ruff over there in Germany for these poor hookers! Considering this is the oldest established Whore House in Germany..I figure these girls must have been pulling in quite a bit. There's probably going to be a lot of hookers out on the streets now (pun intended)!

"Hotel Luxor today employs four prostitutes, and is only open Tuesday through Friday nights."
"Two thousand euros (US$3,080) per night - it was like that once," one of the women, who gave her name only as "Nicole," told the Morgenpost. "Now I can only dream of that. I've been here a year and only earn around euro200 (US$308) per shift."

Okay..I guess I was wrong..only 4!! 4 Hookers on the street! They were only making $300 a shift. Working only 4 days a week. Okay..so they were still pulling down $1,200 a week! Not too shabby! Do ya think they will be looking for jobs at the local Der Wienerschnitzel? What kinda "special" sauce will be on those wieners!?!?! Ewwwww.

All of this is pretty funny..considering that Ace is reporting the Japanese are swearing off sex entirely!!

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